A Continual Story of Courage by Chelsea Ingram

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Trek AtlasTaken from “Our Sonny Life”…a blog about The Ingram family that I had the privilege of meeting last year in Nicaragua as they travel around the world touching lives with their story. My time with them changed the way I look at life and touched me in a special way.  On June 21, 2012 they lost their 3rd son, Trek Atlas, to a rare genetic disease. He was 14 months old and got 4 stamps on his passport in his short, but very sweet life.  They plan to continue their journey around the world in order to honor his life by living every day to the fullest.

Here is a blog post from Chelsea’s blog about my day teaching raw, vegan chocolate making to the family in Nicaragua, and my afternoon teaching the little boys yoga and how to meditate.

Our Sonny Life

A recent email from Chelsea, the mother of Trek that I received last week, 10 months later, that brought tears to my eyes:

“Hi Grace 🙂
I just wanted to let you know that I was almost asleep and I thought of you and I felt so happy! I have been trying to keep my energy and vibrations high so that I can be easily available to talk to Trek, and when I thought of your sweetness and pureness, I felt Trek soon after:) I just wanted to let you know what a light and wonderful woman you are. You had such an effect on Peyton. He meditates every night before he goes to bed and says you told him to mediate for 10 minutes before he goes to sleep so that he will sleep good:) It makes me smile every time.
I just saw you are heading out for a retreat. I hope you have a wonderful time.
sending you all my love!
love, Chelsea”

“Following After Trek: A Father’s Journey To Find His Son. A True Story” written by Jarrett: click HERE.

Grace Van Berkum-kids yoga

Grace Van Berkum-kids yoga


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