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Here is a selection of yummy salad dressings from a previous juice fasting retreat in the Bahamas as promised! Raw, vegan, healthy, anti-inflammatory, easy, delicious. Would you expect anything else?!

One ripe avocado
Handful basil (or use cilantro or dill instead)
Fresh ginger
Fresh garlic (if desired)
Celtic sea salt
Fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice
Water for desired consistency

Preparation: Blend till smooth and creamy.

Variation Recipe: CREAMY TOMATO DRESSING – Exact same dressing as above, BUT add a ripe tomato as well!

Learn how to speed ripen your avocados!



One ripe avocado
1-2 shredded carrots
Fresh lemon or lime juice
Fresh ginger
Fresh garlic (if desired)
Celtic sea salt
1/2 tsp turmeric and curry powder
Water to desired consistency

Preparation: Blend till creamy and smooth.

Variation Recipe: CURRY CARROT SALAD DRESSING – Same as above, BUT f you don’t have an avocado, then you can use approximately 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil instead.

Join me to eat fresh, local, raw-vegan, organic and DELICIOUS foods while discovering new recipes!

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You are what you think.

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  1. I did it!!! I made the basil ginger dressing. It was delicious…..seriously….after I made it…I stood at the food processor and ate half of it before it even got to my salad. It was so refreshing. Thank you Grace.

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