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People always ask…what do you eat, what do you use, what are your recommended reads???
I am happy to share AND I love to share!
I started blogging products I love about 2 years ago and never did it again. lol. So let’s try this again…(here’s that first post).

My current Gracious Living Picks here in Hope Town, Abaco Islands, Bahamas.
(yes, this is where I am right now)

1) Holy sprouts! sprouts are one of the best, enzyme healing foods on the planet! No joke. You need to eat them. Not only do they help to cleanse the body, but they offer protein and chlorophyll which energizes and helps to slow down aging. I am so excited and blessed to be enjoying my time here in Abaco, with Om Grown Greens Sprout Farm just down the road from me. Sprouts in my smoothies, sprouts blended in my dips, sprouts on my salads, sprouts in my wraps. This is one of the keys to looking young and feeling great!  sprouts, sprouts, sprouts!

om grown greens-sprouts-Gracious Living picksDon’t have a sprout farm near you? LOL. Don’t worry, you can sprout yourself.

2)  I am so lucky to be staying at a place that has a big, tropical garden and I get to pick fresh food and herbs to put in my meals everyday. Loving all the red swiss chard. putting it in my smoothies, salads, pestos to help oxygenate and alkalize my body. 

Swiss chard, like spinach, is the store-house of many phytonutrients that have health promotional and disease prevention properties.  Chard leaves are an excellent source of antioxidant vitamin, vitamin-C.  Chard is one of the excellent vegetable sources for vitamin-K, B-vitamins, AND also rich source of omega-3 fatty acids! it is also a rich source of iron. Iron is required for cellular oxidation and red blood cell formation. Yes, you can eat swiss chard raw. Some experts recommend lightly cooking to help reduce its concentration of oxalic acid.
You can find swiss chard at your grocery store, it looks like this:
Gracious Living-Grace Van Berkum-swiss chard

Gracious Living-Bikini Gardner3)  Nearly out of my amazing cream from The Bikini Gardener in Freeport, Bahamas. Whipped to perfection and absorbs beautifully on my skin….all-natural of course. I adore the Geranium & Peppermint Body Butter. The Fabulous Girl’s guide to Mother Nature Inspired, Organic, Homemade Skin Care.  Dudettes, this stuff rocks! (wow, did i really say dudettes?!)  You can contact the Bikini Gardener on facebook for orders. Also, read more on why chemicals in beauty products can lead to hormonal disruption.

4) What a treat to have met the owners of Abaco Neem Farms and try out all their organic products for better health. (pet products, too!)  All-natural, immune boosting products grown right here in Abaco!  Although relatively unknown in North America, Neem is a cornerstone of the ancient Ayurvedic healthcare system and is one of the most widely used medicinal herbs in the world. I look forward to growing my own Neem trees next year in Nicaragua.Abaco Neem

Not only does Neem contain anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-septic, & anti-inflammatory properties but it’s also non-toxic, repels mosquitoes, is good for all ages, and is one of the oldest plants used in Ayuvedic medicine known to cause the body no harm!    I have been using the Abaco Neem Leaf Extract every night for detox AND for gum health. A few drops in my mouth right before bed. You can order their stuff online. 

5)  Natural Calm Magnesium Powder (Anti-stress drink):Magnesium

Natural Calm is the solution to both restoring a healthy magnesium level and balancing your calcium intake—the result of which is natural stress relief.

Magnesium helps your muscles and nerves function properly; it keeps your heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system and also assists in keeping your bones strong. This essential mineral helps regulate blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure and is required for producing and storing energy.

I take this every night before bed. To activate it, you must use hot water. It will fizz up immensely, so pour it in slowly. You will see. Doing this ritual before bed also helps to mentally wind down and signal the body & mind to prepare for sleep.

Note: This isn’t from the Bahamas, but I have just been enjoying it every night while here.  You can order it online.

6) “I AM” by Howard Falco. reading this over….and over….and over. understand yourself. understand why you do the things you do. understand the meaning of life. a good dose of truth serum right here. i am inspired, and relieved, with each sentence.

“Follow the suffering and you will find the lie.”
~Howard Falco.

Gracious Living picks-Howard Falco- I

aloe vera-gracious living7)  Aloe Vera is everywhere here! this makes my colon happy! LOL. It’s true.
A happy colon is a happy person! Check out its BENEFITS!


It will change your health. And your life!

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You are what you eat.
You are what you think.

~Gracious Living Lifestyle  XO

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