Embrace Change. It’s Fun!

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The key to change…

…is to let go of fear. 

Life is such an amazing journey when you open yourself up to the possibilities. Move forward with courage.


Trust that whatever happens in your life, happens for your own evolution. Trust that whatever happens, is ultimately what is supposed to happen to help you become happier. Learn the lessons and keep going…..

…..keep growing.

It takes more energy to resist change, then to embrace it.  The universe is on your side.  

Something I came across yesterday : when you trust in life and yourself, life flows in abundant directions, your ability to love grows stronger, and your capacity to receive is revitalized.  You’re able to fearlessly generate more peace in the world through each of your interactions.  WOW!

And you know what? I have experienced all of these points first hand myself, and continue to strive to move from fear to trust in every moment. Fear to love. I know that all of these things are possible because I have been witness to it in my own life. Open yourself up and witness it in your life, too. Take a chance and see what magnificent opportunities life has in store for you!

Life is so short and so precious.


Sound cliche?

Maybe, but are you doing it?


It will change your health. And your life!

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You are what you eat.
You are what you think.

~Gracious Living Lifestyle  XO


  1. I’d say “own it” too! This is one of the things I experienced in Nicaragua and taking yoga with you Grace. Since I have opened myself up to the world ahead I have noticed so many changes in my life and I was only in Nica a month ago. Amazing!

  2. Nice post, Grace. I’ve been returning to this philosophy a lot more lately to help me through a huge transition in my life that I know is the start of a new, amazing journey – but happens to be really challenging right now. I’m way out of my comfort zone with more unknowns than ever before…the only way to stay sane is to have faith, right?

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