“Gracious Living Green Machine Smoothie” in Sweat Equity Magazine

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Gracious Living Lifestyle Raw, Vegan, Plant Powered Smoothie featured in Sweat Equity Magazine, Sept 2015, page 39.

Let’s get lean & clean with “The Green Machine”039_SEAugSept2015_Fuel

Gracious Living Green Tropical Power Smoothie by Grace Van Berkum, R.H.N.

A green tropical smoothie with a phenomenal taste and phenomenal ingredients to keep your body energized and your metabolism burning fat. Super easy to make without any dairy or refined sugar. Plenty of slight variations included at the bottom, for different flavours with no compromise on nutrition.

1 serving Sunwarrior Vanilla Warrior Blend Plant Protein Powder
1 handful spinach
1 handful blueberries
1 kiwi
1/2 mango
1 chunk fresh ginger
1sp pure vanilla
1 cup ice
2-4 cups water (you decide how thick you like it)

Blend till smooth. Drink to fuel your body with phenomenal ingredients. YOU DESERVE PHENOMENAL!


Use a handful of fresh basil instead of spinach.
Use a handful of fresh mint instead of spinach.
Use strawberries instead of blueberries.
Add 1 tsp. ceylon cinnamon to your smoothie.

Join me in the tropics for daily Gracious Living Lifestyle Tropical Smoothies!

You are what you eat.
You are what you think.

~Gracious Living Lifestyle  XO

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