Gracious Living Healing Bundle

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  • Gracious Living Lifestyle Healing 10 Recipes eBook
  • Gracious Living Lifestyle Easy & Healing Raw Vegan Faves eBook
  • The Gracious Living Lifestyle is all about fresh foods, living foods, whole foods, raw foods, plant foods, superfoods and real foods for peak performance and abundant energy. The cleaner we eat, the better our bodies and brains work, giving us clarity and focus to move in the direction of our limitless potential and better handle life’s stresses.

    The nourishing plant-based recipes included in these two video eBooks are a round-up of my personal faves - they are easy, delicious, inexpensive and part of my every day. They are also the very same recipes I used to help my father turn his health around rapidly within only 19 days! And GREAT NEWS for anyone who has wanted to attend a Gracious Living Lifestyle Retreat but has been unable to: the recipes included in my Raw Healing eBooks are from my retreats!

    Are you:

    • Suffering from disease?
    • Undergoing chemotherapy?
    • Suffering from an imbalance within your body, big or small?
    • Interested in quick, yummy raw vegan recipes?
    • Looking to reduce acids and inflammation in your body?
    • Wanting to lose weight, sleep better, elevate your mood, have glowing skin, reduce PMS or increase energy levels?
    • Searching for easy, fast and delicious kitchen inspiration?

    If you answered YES to any of the above, the Gracious Living Lifestyle Raw Healing Series eBook Bundle is for you!

    These eBooks are for anyone who wants to change their path, and achieve optimal well-being and inner harmony. There is an effect, positive or negative, for everything you put into your body. My passion is helping others heal and prevent disease, and live the life of their dreams, through eating clean. I’m going to show you how! Are you ready for health and bliss to flourish?

    Have any questions? Download the FAQ document for tips and answers to common questions around eBooks.


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