Gracious Living Lifestyle Healthy Eating Travel Tips + more (3 videos)

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Watch my short video from INDIA in October, where I talk about superfood travel tips and products I love. There were peacocks walking around us as my taxi driver was filming for me, lol.  You can find the products I use for energy and health on my website: HERE.

Gracious Living Lifestyle Chia Pudding recipes HERE.

Watch my short video from the BAHAMAS in November, where I talk about
5 Reasons Why You Need to Juice!
(I was talking super fast because I had a plane to catch, lol. What else is new.)

Watch my short video from MEXICO (where I just came back from), with Raw Elements USA All-Natural Sunscreen for optimal health.

Get out of the cold and JOIN ME in the tropics in 2015  for daily tropical, PLANT POWERED smoothies and Gracious Living Lifestyle Vegan, Superfood menu…..and of course yoga in stunning nature, tropical adventures, and lots of time in the ocean!

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You are what you eat.
You are what you think.

~Gracious Living Lifestyle  X

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