Gracious Living Spicy Goji “Coffee” and more liver cleansing beverages

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Gracious Living LOVES liver-cleansing Dandy Blend!
A beverage that tastes like coffee (without the adrenal stress) and liver cleansing properties to boot!
Dandyblend-liver cleansingLet’s face it, we can all use a little (or a lot) of liver cleansing. LOL.
When your liver is functioning at its best, you are able to eliminate toxins efficiently. When your liver is overburdened with too many toxins, it can not eliminate them efficiently, resulting in compromised health & energy levels.

Dandelion highlights:
(taken from the “The Dandelion Celebration” by Peter Grail)

*alkalizes the body
*helps prevent liver disease
*assists in weight reduction
*can improve eye vision
*helps eliminate acne
*relieves constipation
*helps prevent and lower blood pressure
*prevents or cures anemia
*lowers cholesterol
*helps reduce acid indigestion
*helps with cancer
*helps with diabetes
**DANDELION ranks ahead of both broccoli & spinach in terms of overall nutrition!

Read more about superfood Dandy Blend HERE.

Gracious Living Hot (or cold) Creamy Superfood Choco-Coffee:

Gracious Living Creamy Superfood Choco-Coffee1-2 tbsp dandy blend dandelion “coffee” alternative
1/2 tsp organic, raw maca powder (an adaptogen that helps with stress)
1 tsp Chocolate Royale stevia (or try liquid English toffee, coconut, or vanilla stevia by NOW)
Hot water (will mix well with cold, too)
*For extra creaminess use coconut milk or hazelnut milk instead.

Gracious Living Spicy Goji Coffee:
Gracious Living Spicy Goji Coffee 1-2 tbsp dandyblend dandelion “coffee” alternative
Hot water
A handful of goji berries
prinkle cayenne pepper (or try it with cinnamon, or cardamom powder)
Natural sweetener of choice

The goji berries soften from the hot water and adds some “anti-oxidant oooomph” and a chewy snack to this liver detoxifying drink. The cayenne pepper gives it a nice little zing on the tongue and in the body as cayenne pepper increases circulation.
This drink is guaranteed to keep you warm, satisfied, and feeling great.


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You are what you think.

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