Gracious Living Tiger Nut Milk & Pudding

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Tiger Nut Milk??! Tiger Nut pudding??! What pray tell is that you ask???

(yes, it’s true. i made my 2 month old Nephew pose with tigernuts. he seems very confused by me, lol. this is what i get up to when i babysit!)

My latest discovery of new food to play with while here in Canada ….organic tiger nuts that I found in Kensington market (and also in china town.) a bag cost me $11.99.

Did some reasearch and they are are actually small tubers, not nuts. (ok, what’s a tuber? Tubers are various types of modified plant structures that are enlarged to store nutrients.  Used by plants to survive the winter or dry months and provide energy and nutrients for regrowth during the next growing season.)

They are high in protein and fibre and are a fast regenerating, performance enhancing food for the nervous system. They are an excellent source of energy and supply easily digestible protein, good fats to help burn fat (yes, good fats actually help to speed your metabolism!) and essential iron.  Apparently they are great for pregnant women, nursing women, and beneficial when mixed with baby and children’s food for healthy growth.

I tried them in a trail mix…they were ok…a little chewy for me. Then at the veg fest this weekend I tried some tiger nut milk and OMG…AMAZING! came out very creamy and has a slight sweet taste so you don’t really need sweetener. i think this is my favourite dairy free nut milk now! well technically it’s tuber milk, but that just sounds weird. i prefer tiger nut milk….i automatically feel energized & powerful just hearing it!!

dairy-free  TIGERNUT MILK (raw & vegan):

-I soaked 1 cup of tigernuts overnight to soften and increase nutrients (my nutrition students know that I always recommend soaking nuts and seeds for optimal nutrients & digestion)

-about 3 or 4 cups of water

-blend away to creamy perfection! add ice if you want it chilled right away or store in fridge for max 3 days.

-variation: add some fresh vanilla pod (i’m all about fresh vanilla pods lately) chopped up super small, and cinnamon before blending.

YUM! it’s truly delicious.  use it on cereals, in smoothies or just have as a satisfying snack.

Next, I concocted GRACIOUS LIVING TIGERNUT PUDDING: (raw and vegan of course)

-soaked tigernuts (drain the water and use about 1 cup)
-1 tbsp coconut meat or coconut manna
-1 tsp Ergogenics Organic whole greens powder
-handful goji berries
-2 tbsp chia seeds
-1/2 fresh vanilla pod
-touch stevia to sweeten
-tad of water enough to make pudding consitency

Blend till smooth and creamy in high powered blender (if you don’t have a good blender than use a food processor)

Enjoy chilled or throw a few ice cubes in before blending. Top with organic grated, unsweetened coconut. The greens powder didn’t even make it green!


*both of these vegan recipes are perfect for the 30 Day Vegan Challenge that started yesterday!

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