Gracious Living Tomato Coconut Gazpacho

In Recipes, Vegan Soupsby Grace Van Berkum

Popular menu item at the Gracious Living Yoga Surf Vegan B & B at Maderas Beach, Nicaragua….this one’s for you Angela!

Raw, vegan, healing, delicious goodness!

tomato soup

Gracious Living Tomato Coconut Gazpacho

3-4 tomatoes, cubed

1 cup fresh coconut meat

(or 1-2 tbsp coconut manna butter)

Handful fresh cilantro

Fresh garlic to taste

1 tbsp irish moss

(or 1 tbsp soaked chia seeds in 4 tbsp water)

Sea salt to taste

Black pepper to taste

Water to desired consistency (about 4 cups)

BLEND till creamy. Chill. Enjoy. MMMMMMMM.

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