“Spirulina & Manuka Honey Face Mask” by Shauna Bean

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"Spirulina & Manuka Honey Face Mask" by Shauna BeanHuge thanks to natural beauty enthusiast, gorgeous Shauna Bean, founder of the Bikini Gardener for contributing this week…..Gracious Living loves The Bikini Gardener!

“Spirulina & Manuka Honey Face Mask”
(or as my husband calls it, my “Green Monster Mask”)

Have you ever had Spirulina?  No word of a lie, it tastes like s#*t.  Plain & simple.  I can’t even be a “lady” about it.  It’s just that BAD!  But I still drink it in my smoothie EVERY SINGLE MORNING because it’s JUST THAT GOOD FOR YOU (and the other stuff in my smoothie always masks it- HA!  I said “masks” in my article about a “Mask”.  FUNNY!)

Spirulina is a nutrient packed algae that just may be the very best source of antioxidants that you can find for your skin. It contains almost all known anti-oxidants: C, B1, B5 and B6, the minerals Zinc, manganese, copper, amino acid methionine, beta-carotene and vitamin E.  These antioxidants help fend off free-radicals, eliminate toxins from the skin, help prevent candida bacteria build-up that can cause acne AND increase the skin’s metabolism for faster skin cell regeneration and healing.  It also contains gamma-linoleic, which is a rare acid found in breast milk and primrose oil (AWESOME!). Gamma-linoleic protects the integrity of the skin’s cells and muscles and forms new cell membranes!!!  Making Spirulina THE PERFECT ingredient in a face mask to help prevent and combat free-radicals & the signs of aging.  Do this mask twice a week, my friend, & see the magic!

And as for Manuka Honey, you should all know a thing or two about that by now!  Aren’t I forever and ever going on about joys and miracles of Manuka Honey?  And you all listen and absorb every word I say, right?!?  Ok, ok… So Manuka Honey is the bees knees (I HAD TO!  Forgive me?)!  It’s FULL of antibacterial, antifungal & antimicrobial properties and does wonders for moisturizing the skin.  It even shrinks pores whilst brightening & evening out skin tone due to its high levels of gluconic acid.  BONUS!  Manuka (any RAW, organic Honey really) not only cleans your skin & helps fight acne but it adds serious moisture to your skin as it’s a high velocity Humectant.  One of Mother Nature’s finest, my dears!

So let’s get to making that mask, shall we?!"Spirulina & Manuka Honey Face Mask" by Shauna Bean

Mix 1 Tablespoon of Manuka Honey (or any good quality Raw, Organic Honey- Manuka is THICK, so you may have to warm it up by placing the bottle in a pot of hot water to soften.  A few seconds is enough, we don’t want to make it hot and burn those sweet cheeks of yours!!! CAREFUL!) with 1 Tablespoon of Spirulina!  THAT IS IT!  Mix it up well and slather it on.  I make sure to have my hair pulled back and to not be wearing a shirt I care too much about (Spirulina is a crazy dark green algae color).  You could totally use your hands but I use a pastry brush as it goes on easier and smoother.  Now sit back and relax.  Leave it on for 25-45 minutes for maximum benefit.


*I buy from Manuka Honey online via Amazon or in differing health food stores when I am traveling, I kinda collect it.  But here’s a link to one of my fav’s at a good price:

*I buy Pacifica Hawaiian Spirulina from this site: http://www.nutrex-hawaii.com/hawaiianspirulina

Love Thy Self, Ladies & Love the Skin You’re In!Shauna Bean-Bikini Gardener
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