Raw Food and Enzymes

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Eating raw food has a multitude of benefits. It increases enzyme levels in the body which helps with detoxification. The more your body detoxes, the more toxins you eliminate, and thus the more energy you have. It helps boost the immune system so you don’t get sick. It helps with digestion and absorption of nutrients which once again means more energy. It helps with inflammation and conditions like arthritis. It actually helps slow down the aging process and many times even reverse the aging process! These reasons alone should be enough to make anyone incorporate a little more raw into their eating repertoire.
I love eating raw for the way it makes me look… and feel. But I also have another reason why I’m a big fan of raw food. BECAUSE YOU NEVER BURN ANYTHING! HA! No need for stoves or ovens. All you do is assemble, or use blenders or food processors (or dehydrators, but I don’t usually use them since I am always travelling) I have a friend coming over later who is not completely raw so I decided this morning I am going to make him a brown rice salad. Well low and behold I forgot the water on the stove and the water evaporated and I burnt the pot. WHO BURNS WATER??! Sheesh, that’s worse than burning toast! Wow, this brought back a flood of funny memories of a time when I was living with one roommate in particular, and he would always know when Grace was cooking because the fire alarm would go off! ALWAYS! I would make a grilled cheese in those days and the fire alarm would go off! hahaha.

The beauty of raw food….look good, feel good, AND no more burnt food or pans!


It will change your health. And your life!

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You are what you think.

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