Who is Grace Van Berkum?

In My Adventures by Grace Van Berkum

i am a modern hippie. well kinda.  i walk around in my barefeet a lot. and i believe in peace and love.

i am a glam tomboy.   i love sports and any physical activity, even lifting boxes, and i will do it with lipgloss on.

i am a tough with a big heart.

my best friend says i march to the beat of my own drum.

i always follow through with my promises.

i am quirky.  like ‘elaine from seinfeld’ quirky.

sometimes when i am cooking, i pretend i am doing my own cooking show.  sometimes someone walks into the kitchen and asks me who i am taking to.

i don’t believe in alarm clocks.

i don’t believe in irons.  that’s what dryers are for.  i think it’s silly to be judged by the wrinkles in my clothes when they are just going to get wrinkled when i wear them anyways.

i am mesmerized by the intelligence of children.

i somehow still know all the words to numerous 80’s songs that i haven’t heard in years and years, yet i rarely remember my phone number.

i always get lost in new places, even if i have directions and a map.  but i like it.  i think i do it on purpose.

i have always said, if i ever go to India, i will shave my head.  stay tuned for when i go to India. it’s calling me.

i read magazines from back to front. i don’t know why.  it’s just what i do.

outdoor showers make me happy.

i love to sweat.  working out, working hard, in the sun, in a sauna….it doesn’t matter.  just bring on the sweat.  (it’s also key to glowing skin).

i love the feeling of the sun on my body when i am underwater in the ocean.

i will only take an elevator if it’s higher than 7 floors.

i love neon. i love stripes. imagine my excitement over neon stripes.

i never go anywhere without my camera. and my sunglasses.

don’t bother talking to me when i’m watching the sunset. i can’t hear you. i’m in a sunset trance.


what i have learned from yoga thus far has changed the way i approach my life and i want to share it with anyone who will listen.

i am passionate about healing the body and mind through food.  and yoga of course.

i’m all about eating fresh and natural food.  and lots of enzymes.  we are living beings so it only makes sense to eat live foods.

listen to your body.  it will tell you many important things if you pay attention.   i try and teach people that through yoga, nutrition, and fitness.

i broke up with winter 2 years ago.

i don’t need much to be happy.  i just need to live beside a big body of water, have fresh coconuts everyday, and be able to watch the sunset every evening.  i have all these things in my life right now.

i feel very strongly about adopting. one day. when i’m ready.

i always try to approach things with an  open mind and no expectations.  sometimes it’s challenging but the philosophy of yoga is helping me with this.

i believe everyone has something to teach me.  everyone is my guru. my heart is my guru.

i believe you attract what you project.  and you can change what you project and hence what you attract, through yoga and meditation.  and the types of foods you ingest.

i don’t wish or hope for things.  i make it happen.

i have learned that embracing change and going with the flow makes life much easier.

every night before i go to bed, i mentally express gratitude for 5 things that happened to me that day, pleasurable or painful, because i know both are for my own evolution.

i believe i can make a difference in the world, even if it’s just the small world around me.  i believe everyone is capable of this.

nicaragua is currently  my home base where i am living for half the year.  i teach at different types of retreats around the world for the other half of the year.

om shanti


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You are what you eat.
You are what you think.

~Gracious Living Lifestyle  XO