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GLO Creamy Coconut Pea Soup

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Super easy, vegan, delicious, satisfying, and split peas are high in plant protein.

Gracious Living Split Green peas

GLO Creamy Pea Soup

2 cups cooked green or yellow split peas 1/3 onion Fresh garlic to taste 2 cups sulphite-free coconut milk 2 cups of clean water Handful cilantro or parsley Sea salt to taste Cayenne pepper to taste Optional add-on: 1 cup cooked sweet potato or squash

Gracious Living Creamy Coconut Pea Soup

Boil split green peas. Add onions and garlic (and chopped squash if adding in). Boil in big pot of water until everything is soft. Transfer to blender and add remaining ingredients (herbs, spices, salt, coconut milk). Blend till super smooth. Garnish with finely chopped parsley or herb of choice.

So easy! Hearty, high protein, creamy, nutritious soup.

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