My Gifts From Pain This Year

[x_text]What a year 2014 has been. I am still digesting because I am still in it. Thank goodness I have good digestion. 😉

Life has thrown me curve ball after curve ball, continually reminding that life is precious & fleeting. It has been 1 thing after the other with family challenges and pains, admisdst my heavy travel/work schedule. It has forced me to stay true to my beliefs and teachings, meaning it has been essential for me more than ever that I feed my body right, I support my nervous system to be able to handle all this stress, I keep my immune system strong, and that I practice my yoga, breathing, meditation, and self-care so that my “batteries” are charged… that I am able to operate and make decisions from a body and mind that is healthy, calm, and peaceful as much as possible.  I always choose to see the gifts, the lessons, the silver linings…..THE GOLDEN LININGS…. and the stepping stones to freedom.  Freedom from my own self imposed limitations. For me there is no other way. While pain is inevitable in life, you can choose to accept what is and go through it with a positive mindset, or you can can fight “what is” and choose to suffer. I have suffered most of my life due to my unfortunate upbringing that I didn’t have a choice in. But now as an adult I have a choice in how I decide to live my life. I have a choice in what thought