Updated: Jun 20, 2020

I think most of you read my big blog post last week, and if you're still reading this, you probably understand what is really happening right now. Honestly, my intention was to write that post, and then take a seat back from all this, but the positive response from people eager for more information has been overwhelming. Since 6 days of posting, that post is already up to 219K views and that number increases by the thousands every hour. I really don't give a shit about numbers BUT what it does show me is that people are waking up. Fast. This is promising. We need this. We can't speak up and take action unless we wake up NOW. There is so much to write, so many things connected, the depth of what is is 500 rabbit holes of information every day. Today I want to focus more on: What can we do? How do we stop this? First of all, conserve your energy. Don't waste your energy on people who can't hear you or logically connect the dots. Because that what awakening really is all about: CONNECTING THE DOTS. It is amazing, as many of you know, how challenging that can be for people. But don't judge them, don't fight with them. This is important. Say a prayer for them, protect your energy, and distance yourself from negativity. Eventually people will be forced to wake up as things are moving very quickly right now. I am NOT anti-vax as many of you know. I am all for CLEAN, SAFE, TESTED, TRANSPARENT vaccines. This is not what is happening here. Under the pretense of world emergency, the upcoming vaccines will NOT be any of these things. The first step to a One World Government System by 2030 is to vaccinate all of us with unsafe, contaminated vaccines. Vaccines are supposed to be medicine. What is coming is NOT MEDICINE. So that's where we need to begin. We need to fight for our freedom by fighting mandated "vaccines". If people want to take it, that is also their choice. But we should have a choice as always. Here are some people you need to follow who are leading the way with information on how to TAKE ACTION: Here are some ideas of what to do:   (From Dr. Tenpenny site, who has some of the world's best information & collection of peer-reviewed studies on the dangers of vaccines)

  • Fight against misguided bills by calling, emailing and visiting your legislators. We must make our views known in no uncertain terms. Network with and support  organizations such as Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom ( or your state’s equivalent medical freedom organization.

  • Support organizations that are bringing lawsuits against corrupt companies and government agencies. If we keep chipping away at them, eventually they will have to tumble.

  • If your friends and family members are not in agreement on this issue, carefully consider just how important those relationships are. Develop a network of friends who are on the same page with you when it comes to this crucial issue.

  • Home school your children. If you can’t do it alone, form a home-school cooperative so that the schooling responsibilities can be shared among a group.

  • Consider leaving the US and expatriating. We are being pushed into a corner and it may involve escaping a tyrannical system to retain our rights to choose.

Whatever you do, do not bow to pressure to vaccinate your children if your decision is to not vaccinate. Read FULL ARTICLE here: **NEW WORLD ORDER GOALS: DNA, Vaccines, and Transhumanism: WE ARE FIGHTING FOR HUMANITY'S DNA: INSPIRATION: COUNTRIES ARE TAKING ACTION EVERYWHERE: **RFK, Jr. Rallies Health Freedom Advocates in Colorado: **NEW VAXXED BUS GOES DOWN UNDER: **WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE TRUTH ABOUT VAC: (watch this EYE OPENING series for FREE)

PART 2: THIS WOMAN, Robyn Openshaw, IS AMAZING FOR PROVIDING EASY STEPS TO TAKE ACTION ON HOW TO PROTECT OURSELVES: Even if you don't live in the US it gives you an idea of what you need to do in your own country. We need to stop the deployment of 5G for various reasons connected to the vaccine. This is very important. (see my original post: Here are 3 top websites for reading up on the over 8,000 studies done showing great harm to plant, animal, and human life from the electromagnetic frequencies of 3G and 4G. 5G is over 100 times more powerful. Here’s an interactive map to tell you how much 5G infrastructure has rolled out in your area. I don't think your local officials know that cities around the U.S. and Europe have BANNED 5G!

I've written a brand-new letter that should help educate and empower your mayor and city council to SAY NO.

I think the FIRST letter campaign I had you do might have helped the city in Connecticut vote UNANIMOUSLY to kick 5G out of town. If these local officials KNEW the danger, none of them would agree to it. The letter tells them that (a) telecom cannot legally sue them for anything more than the cost of the permit; and (b) that telecom companies cannot get insurance, against damage to human health (FYI, because the insurance companies KNOW how risky and dangerous 5G is). I've set it up so that you can send it with ONE CLICK, based on your zip code. Please click to send the letter to YOUR officials, and please SHARE so that others do the same:

**CANADA SPEAKS UP: Media Release - Ontario Doctors Warn of Rising Health Care Costs after 5G Roll Out: EXCELLENT INFORMATION WITH DR. TENPENNY: **Finally for today, here are some informative videos to watch: TECHNOFACIST TAKEOVER: - 6 videos to watch and share: WHO IS DR. FAUCI MARRIED TO AND WHY DOES IT MATTER? The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Ushers In The New World Order:

Knowledge is power and the power to resist the implementation of these programs comes with numbers. We need millions united, join together and work within your local community to resist. STAND UP. SPEAK UP. REPRESENT TRUTH. The future is in our hands – TAKE ACTION.  Now. The future of our children is in our hands. – TAKE ACTION.  Now. XOXO