What Is Pathogenic Priming, Who Profits From A Pandemic.....and other interesting questions

Just over a year has passed since our world has been altered as we know it, and there is SO much new information that comes out daily. I have put together some very basic information to read up on for those that are open to hearing different perspectives predominantly from other doctors, scientists, health professionals, and lawyers. I spend hours researching every single day on many different topics related to The Great Reset and The Fourth Industrial Revolution which has been announced for this decade by The World Economic Forum. Last year when I wrote about this, many did not believe me (although all of this information was right on their website!!) Alas, 1 year later, all of this information is right in plain site. Some people still refuse to explore, but I have given up on trying to save the world. I did my best to open people's eyes in the beginning of all this and now I spend my time focusing on building community and a new earth. Below is an accumulation of basic information links relevant to where we are today at the end of March 2021. I wrote this in response to someone's email, and thought it was too valuable to not share this accumulation of information on my blog, as it took many hours for me to formulate. I hope it helps someone have an A-HA moment to see things clearly and make decisions that support their own life. **Remember 3 things: TRUTH, LOVE, & NATURE ALWAYS PREVAIL. ALWAYS. Hang in there my friends, XO

-Germ Theory vs. Terrain Theory: -Adjuvants in injections and the history of injections as it relates to the immune system: -What does a safe and effective injection looks like? -World population is being used as guinea pigs for the current experimental gene injections and how it pertains to the immune system: -From the World Economic Forum: every single person on planet earth has to get an injection: -What is pathogenic priming? -Why are health officials pushing pregnant women to get injections despite known risks?

-What is happening to people after the injections and why is it barely talked about? -How many nursing home residents are dying immediately after the injection? -Why is someone who is not a doctor dictating our health, farming, environmental policies and now saying we will need a 3rd injection + yearly booster shots (if not more)? -Who profits from these mandated injections? -Why are we are being told we have to get the injections but they do not make us immune to the virus?

-UN Agenda 2030 requires regular injections for the world for 14 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be successful:

-Asymptomatic carriers have never been proven to spread any infection: -PCR tests are faulty and were never designed to be a diagnostic tool, directly said by the inventor himself? Public Health Ontario admits to improper use of PCR test: WHO guidance on PCR testing changes due to high false positive rate: -Portugese Court deemed PCR tests unreliable and quarantines unlawful: -Lockdowns and the economic destruction is increasing mental health issues, abuse, addictions, suicides, drug overdoses, based on case numbers from faulty PCR tests and falsified data: -Microbial pathogen infections from masks, and possible chemical poisoning: -Why is not one single government worldwide is talking about increasing health via food and lifestyle to boost immunity yet keeps pushing masks, lockdowns, social distancing, all things that depress immunity and cause more fear as our rights are all being taken away? -How has this virus proven to be less deadly than previous influenza seasons? -Has the virus has never been isolated or purified? -Who funds the media and how that is related to the Sustainable Developments Goals 2030? -Future plans for food by 2030, 5 G food & agriculture, GMO blockchain seeds, 3D printed, synthetic food, + va c c ine-producing foods, and how this is all linked to what is happening now, The Great Reset & The Fourth Industrial Revolution: -Who profits from a pandemic? -Second Nuremberg tribunal that is in preparation with over 100 internationally renowned scientists, doctors, economists and lawyers from around the world: **Remember 3 things: TRUTH, LOVE, & NATURE ALWAYS PREVAIL. ALWAYS. Hang in there my friends, XO

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