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Wholesome Treats: Homemade Protein Bars and Cake Crust with Only 6 Ingredients!

Updated: Apr 1

Recently I had the opportunity to try out these Naked Nutrition ingredient, wholefood products from Naked Nutrition. GLO promotes chemical-free living and utilizing wholefoods and simplicity to heal the body. So when I discovered this company Naked Nutrition and that their protein products only have 1 ingredient, of course I was excited!

If you have been to GLO Flex Center in Nicaragua, you know that our protein bars are very popular. So I decided to make some delicious protein bites with these powders and then also turned the crust into a delicious, healthy, no bake cake! Clean, nutriitous, delicious, and easy to use! I approve! Naked Pea has only one ingredient: GMO-Free, pea protein extracted from yellow split peas grown on US and Canadian farms. Pea protein is easily absorbed by the body, making it an excellent plant-based alternative to whey protein. Naked Pea is free of additives and artificial sweeteners. We are committed to shortening the steps between our farms and you. Independent third-party tested for heavy metals. Don’t let the supplement industry fool you; additives are for their bottom line, not your health. Naked Powdered Peanut Butter: has only one ingredient: Powdered peanut butter made from slow-roasted, non-GMO, US grown peanuts. Naked PB is low in calories and fat, perfect for those looking to add more protein on a plant-based diet. No additives and artificial sweeteners. Independent third-party tested for heavy metals.

Here's my easy recipe: 4 Ingredient Protein Bars: 1.5 cup Naked Pea Protein Powder 1/2 cup Naked PB Powder 6 tbsp maple syrup, raw honey, or coconut nectar 2 tbsp raw coconut oil *Optional: pinch sea salt (I love sweet and salty flavours!) *Optional: 1 tsp real vanilla (I love the taste of vanilla!) *Optional: add 1/2 cup raw cacao nibs (I used raw cacao nibs in these photos!)

Place all ingredients in a food processor. Process in food processor to form cookie dough consistency. You have a few choices: you can roll into balls, use a silicone-free mold or ice cube tray, or use in a cake pan or silcione mold for cakes as a cake crust for a raw/vegan cake! I did a few different things here:

I rolled a small ball and placed a cacao bean in the middle (or you could place an almond or walnut there). I also rolled a ball and then rolled again in sesame seeds (you could also roll in unsweetened shredded coconut or more cacao nibs.)

I also took the Naked Nutrition cookie dough mixture and placed in my silicone-free molds. (you can buy molds that come in various shapes and sizes...I like the bite size ones!)

Finally, I used the Naked Nutrition cookie dough mixture that I made and placed it into a cake pan. I love this because I love to make gluten-free and high protein cakes! Naked Nutrition powders made a great cake crust for these delicious raw/vegan/no bake/gluten-free/low sugar cakes that I made!

Of course if you don't feel like making protein powders or cakes, but want to use these Naked Nutrition protein powders for smoothies or iced coffees, they are delicious for that, too!

Thank you Naked Nutrition for your commitment to clean protein powders to fuel our bodies and mind! We are loving it here at GLO Flex Center in Nicaragua!


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