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Your True Love Is In Front Of You

Love is the driving force that gives us true life. Life is love. Love is life. They are the same.

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Just open your eyes. And open your heart.

Love is there. Love is here. Love is everywhere.

What is preventing you from seeing it? What is preventing you from feeling it? You are the only person holding yourself back from true love. Connect to the flow of love in everything around you.

Let the love for yourself radiate outwards into the world loving everything in your path and that love will find its way back to you. This is how life works. This is how love works. Love is a flow just like life is a flow. Love is in people, in nature, in food. If something is alive it is filled with love.

Love finds love.

Love goes where love is. 

Connect to the flow of love.

Let love flow THROUGH YOU so it can flow TO YOU.

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Stop searching. Stop seeking love from outside sources because it will never satisfy you. The love you are seeking is in front of you. YOU ARE THE LOVE YOU ARE SEEKING. 

When you give yourself permission to receive your own love you will find the exact love you are looking for.

Fall in love with yourself.

YOU are the the true love you have been waiting for. 

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 Sending love from Nicaragua XO


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