• Registered Holistic Nutritionist
  • Sivananda Yoga Teacher
  • Certified Yoga For Athletes Teacher
  • Yin Yoga Teacher
  • Yoga of Recovery Counsellor
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Kettle Bell Trainer
  • Sunwarrior Ambassador
  • Four Sigma Foods Ambassador
  • Ergogenics Organic Whole Greens Ambassador
  • Ultima Replenisher Ambassador
  • Team Vega Member
  • Raw Elements Natural Sunscreen Ambassador
  • Bitsy Bottoms Ambassador
  • Yoga Design Lab Ambassador
  • Balini Sports Ambassador

I am passionate about cultivating inner peace, increasing vitality, preventing disease, and living the life of your dreams through conscious eating, exercise, yoga, and connecting to nature. I am a girl working on becoming whole and discovering my truth while following the sun, and guiding people towards their own wholeness and greatness along the way.

I haven’t always been healthy. I have struggled with eating disorders, addictive behaviour, emotional pain, and physical pain. I have explored many roads in an effort to heal my body and my heart. It hasn’t been easy. But where I find myself now is the happiest and healthiest place I have been in my entire life. I am empowered, I am more free to express myself, and I know with utmost certainty that I am doing what I was put on this Earth to do. Every day I continue to strive towards health and peace, while enjoying the journey the best way I know how, and trying to teach people what I have learned along the way. Being healthy is fun and life has never been more enjoyable! When you feel good and look good, you radiate good energy, and see life with different eyes. The more self-aware I become, the better life gets.

I have also watched my dad beat cancer by completely changing his nutrition and attitude towards life. To my amazement, and the amazement of his doctors, he became cancer-free after being told he had less than 10 months to live. I have seen with my own eyes the healing power of nutrient dense foods, the strength of a positive mind, and the tenacity of spirit. I have been inspired by my father as a daughter, as a human being, and as a nutritionist. Food heals. Yoga heals. Love heals. Nature heals.

Many years as a serious athlete competing at an international level, has also left me with injuries and imbalances in my body. Yoga has helped me correct these imbalances so that I feel stronger, and have more comfort and ease within my body. The practice and philosophy of yoga has also taught me how to use the mind to not only to improve sports performance, but any life performance.

Two years ago I spent six months studying and working in the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in the Bahamas. I decided that I was breaking up with winter and continued to head to warmer, tropical climates. I decided I needed to create a life that I LOVED. I headed to Central America to explore and teach yoga, but have become so captivated by the natural beauty of Nicaragua that I haven’t left. I work at the most stunning spot in the rainforest, living in a beautiful treehouse with monkeys and birds, right by the ocean. It is always summer in my world!

I teach yoga, provide nutrition classes, and personal train clients here. I also do my own Gracious Living retreats that incorporate all these things, plus surfing and volcano trekking, throughout Nicaragua, and around the world. (Please see my calendar page for updates.) Teaching people how to lead happier lives by learning how to reconnect with themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually is the most amazing thing for me and I feel blessed that I can share this.

Throughout my journey over the last few years I have taught yoga at various studios around the world, on beautiful beaches, on top of volcanoes, overlooking oceans, in the country, in the city, at high end resorts, treehouse resorts, surf camps, golf courses, international embassies in other countries, ashrams, orphanages, prisons, schools, offices, dysfunctional youth programs, rehab facilities, people who have never done yoga, people who have done a lot of yoga, athletes, children, seniors, even physically challenged people. Anyone and everyone benefits from yoga.

I feel that my combination of life experiences and education, the suffering and triumphs I have endured, and my dedication to my own personal growth and self awareness every single day, makes me a motivating, compassionate, and devoted wellness coach. I teach from the heart. I am happiest when I am helping others discover their own truth. My goal is to guide you to optimal health so that you can flourish in every moment of your life. I invite you to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate, while exploring a new, pristine country.

International Retreats

Rejuvenate with me in a beautiful tropical country.

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