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GLOPROTM now offers 4 organic products sold at the GLO Flex Cafe in Nicaragua and internationally!


GLOPROTM Organic Blends were created by Holistic Natural Nutritionist & Live Food Chef Grace Van Berkum. Grace is an international wellness educator and creator of GLO Flex Empowerment Center in Nicaragua. She teaches clients how to heal their bodies and transform their health and lives with fresh foods found in nature.

  • GLOPROTM Immune Blend: Medicinal herbs, superfoods & adaptogens to increase vitality, de-stress, fuel human performance and help with physical & mental recovery. 

  •  GLOPROTM Superfood Protein Blend: for plantbased protein, sustainable energy, and muscle recovery.   

  • GLOPROTM  Organic Espresso Coffee: that is mold-free, chemical-free, shade grown, and water neutral.

  • GLOPROTM  100% Pure Sesame Protein Flour: A vegan, gluten-free, protein-rich, flour that makes creamy milk, and can also be used as a keto flour.

GloPro Immune Blend Logo

GLOPROTM Immune Blend is available at the GLO Flex Cafe in Northern Nicaragua, as well as other regions throughout Nicaragua and Internationally (see listed countries below). 


It contains only 10 non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, adaptogenic ingredients that are excellent for immune health and reducing stress and anxiety. Now being sold online to ANYWHERE in the world!

Adaptogenic + Superfood Ingredients:

Each serving (56 servings) contains the following amounts:

  • Organic Chlorella (Cracked-cell) 400mg

  • Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder 250mg

  • Organic Holy Basil Powder 250mg

  • Organic Lions Mane Mushroom Powder 250mg

  • Organic Red Reishi (Lingzhi) Mushroom Powder 250mg

  • Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Powder 250mg

  • Organic Turmeric Root Powder 250mg

  • Organic Spice Blend: Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom Powder 100mg

Vegan, Non-GMO, No Fillers, No Excipients, No Gluten, No Dairy, No Sugar

You can order your GLOPROTM Immune Blend online for delivery.

GLOPROTM Immune Blend is available around the world:


  • Nicaragua ~ GLO Flex Cafe: Asseradores, Northern Nicaragua (here)

  • Nicaragua ~ Nica Naturals: San Juan Del Sur (here)

  • Nicaragua ~ Pure Spa Hacienda Iguana: Iguana (here)

  • Nicaragua ~ Pan Y Paz: Leon (here)

  • Tamarindo, Costa Rica ~ Almacen Organic & Natural Food Store (here)

  • Puerto Escondido, Mexico - Mexico Distributor (here)

  • Canada - Toronto, Ottawa, Etobicoke, Collingwood distributors available (message us)

  • Ohio, USA - B Well Regenerative Medicine Clinic (here)

  • Michigan, USA - New Life Chiropractic (here)

  • Guam, USA - Guam distributor available (message us)

GloPro Superfood Blend Logo

GLOPROTM Superfood Blend is available in Nicaragua.


It contains only 8 all-natural, clean, superfood ingredients that are sourced locally from Nicaraguan farmers. Organic, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, high fibre, and offering plant protein for recovery and energy sustenance. Ideal for digestive health, brain health, energy sustenance, and even athletes and surfers.


Superfood + Plant Protein Ingredients: (NEW + IMPROVED RECIPE!)

Jicaro seeds, moringa leaves, moringa seeds, chia flour, rice bran solubles, cacao, cinnamon, cloves.

GLOPROTM Superfood Protein Blend is available in Nicaragua at these locations:

  • GLO Flex Cafe: Asseradores, Northern Nicaragua (here)

  • Nica Naturals: San Juan Del Sur (here)

  • Coco Callala: Leon (here)

  • Pan Y Paz: Leon (here)

GloPro Organic Coffee Logo

GLOPROTM Organic Espresso Dark Roast Coffee is available in NIcaragua.

☕️ Chemical-Free

☕️ Shade Grown

☕️ Mold-free

☕️ Water Neutral

☕️ Made in Nicaragua


GLOPROTM Organic Espresso Dark Roast Coffee is available at:

  • GLO Flex Cafe: Asseradores, Northern Nicaragua (here)

GloPro Sesame Protein Flour Logo

GLOPROTM 100% Pure Sesame Protein Flour is available in Nicaragua.

  • A gluten-free, low carb, keto friendly, nutrient dense, flour alternative

  • A dairy-free, vegan, plant-based flour that makes creamy milk


GLOPROTM 100% Pure Sesame Protein Flour is available at:

  • GLO Flex Cafe: Asseradores, Northern Nicaragua (here)

Questions? Private Pick-up? Private Deliveries in Nicaragua? 

Contact us here

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