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Grace Van Berkum, R.H.N., is a plant-powered, detox nutritionist and tropical yoga teacher facilitating empowering & inspiring Gracious Living Lifestyle Retreats in Nicaragua and around the world. Her mission in this lifetime is to spread the message of plant-based nutrition and self-love by teaching people how to eat and live with awareness. Grace believes in the healing powers of nature and simplicity, and models her thriving business around the paramount importance of unadultered, fresh foods from the earth, connecting to nature, a yogic lifestyle, and daily, mindful, physical movements. To date, Grace has run and facilitated over 150 + retreats around the world! She strongly believes that we are all more powerful than we even realize and that the best wholefoods and plantfoods combined with a healthy, balanced, loving mind and open heart, can heal the body (and planet) of disease.

Grace has travelled extensively all over the world, including Bahamas, St. Lucia, Costa Rica, Peru, Nicaragua, Europe, South East Asia, Mauritius, Guam, Canada, and USA teaching her strategies on health and how to heal the body quickly through lifestyle choices, especially fresh, plantbased food and movement in nature.  After watching her father become cancer-free after he was given less than 10 months left to live, Grace knew that her main passion is guiding people to connect to their own healing powers to heal from disease. She has taught numerous times at Orlando Health Cancer Clinics, not just for the cancer patients but also for the nurses, doctors, and cancer surgeons.

Grace is known for her unique and creative recipes that are not only delicious but extremely healing. As a holistic nutritionist since 2006, she has a strong background on the knowledge of foods and using food as medicine. She has also been trained through Matthew Kenney, Brenden Brazier, and Russel James (raw food chefs and athletes). She is sponsored by Sunwarrior, Ergogenics, Four Sigmatic,  and other superfood companies around the world.  She has written 3 plantbased, raw healing cookbooks specifically for prevention and healing of diseases. Hundreds of her plant powered recipes have appeared in international magazines around the world, and she has been featured in magazines and websites like Oxygen, Yoga Journal, Self, Sweat Equity, Sweat RX, Muscle Memory, Huffington Post, and Epicure & Culture.

In 2017 Grace opened up Gracious Living Oasis (GLO) Selfcare Retreat Centre, a plantbased selfcare retreat center in tranquil Northern Nicaragua. Created by Grace Van Berkum, these conscious living-focused vacations are designed to reset and recalibrate the body for more energy while reducing stress. This is while also providing wellness education and a “lifestyle tool-kit”  to ensure continued health progress back home.The GLO formula includes a plant-based superfood menu, cooking classes, nutrition consultations with meal planning, life coaching, sound therapy, yoga and meditation, Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic treatments and lymphatic massages. Epicure & Culture Magazine has named GLO Wellness Centre as one of the Top 8 Vegetarian Retreats IN THE WORLD! The menu is broken up into levels ranging from 1-7. No matter which menu you choose, you’ll be taking steps to improve your digestion, rebalance hormones, and reduce inflammation in the body.

GLO’s mission is to spread the healing message of fresh, plantbased nutrition and self-love by teaching people how to eat and live with awareness. GLO SelfCare Center embody the 4 E's: 1) EXPERIENCE (Healing & empowering experience of the healing retreat) 2) EDUCATION (Via lectures and classes) 3) EMPOWERMENT (Life strategy planning to continue the positive process going home) 4) ENLIGHTENMENT (Rapid transformation from the whole experience at GLO)

Grace is a pioneer of her field and strives to make the world a better place by teaching people the importance of cell health, digestive health, and brain health. She is also currently working with her father again who now has Alzheimer's and is living with her at her GLO Wellness Centre in Nicaragua. She has unbelievably and drastically helped him reverse his health in a new, positive direction. He is now off of all his medications, doing better than ever, and they have been approached by several people wanting to write a book about his remarkable, and also never been documented before scenario: healing Alzheimer's through nutrition and putting someone in  nature.


Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Raw Food Chef

Sivananda Yoga Teacher

Certified Yoga For Athletes Teacher

Yin Yoga Teacher

Yoga of Recovery Teacher

Certified Personal Trainer

Kettle Bell Trainer


Sunwarrior Ambassador

Raw Elements Superfoods

Four Sigma Foods Ambassador

Ergogenics Organic Whole Greens Ambassador

Ultima Replenisher Ambassador

Raw Elements Natural Sunscreen Ambassador

Bitsy Bottoms Ambassador

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