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5 Ways To Live An Empowered Existence

5 Ways To Live An Empowered Existence by Grace Van Berkum, R.H.N. as featured in Sweat Equity Magazine

1. Get real. Take a good, honest look at who you are. Know your strengths but also understand your weaknesses and where they come from. Don’t be afraid of your shadow…understand your darkness, let your darkness be revealed to you, uncovered by yourself so that you can bring more light to who you are. Your shadow is there to teach you…don’t run from it. By shedding light on all parts of yourself, you begin to strengthen all parts of yourself because you are not afraid to be real. To live a real existence you have to get real about who you really are.

2. Be authentic. Being authentic means truly being honest, not just with others but also with yourself. It means not lying to yourself. It means trusting your intuition. It means trusting your voice to speak your truth and live in a way that best serves you. It means living your life for yourself and not for anyone else. When you can truly do that, you are filled with personal power. 3. Treat your body with respect. Fueling your body with life-giving foods, daily movement practices, getting enough rest and sleep, spending time in nature, and stress-reduction techniques to calm the mind and nervous system, are all ways in which you treat your body with respect and love so that you are filled with energy and power. The physical body is a vehicle for your spirit and you can’t truly live an empowered existence if your vessel isn’t functioning optimally. 4. Have fun. Life can be so serious, filled with challenges, problems, pain, and suffering but it is also filled with so much love and humour. Find it. To truly move through life with power and grace, one must be willing to take things in stride and laugh at oneself. Don’t take life so seriously! Let life’s energy continue to flow through you by being able to see that you are a human being that makes silly mistakes just like everyone else, and this is all one big learning experience that is quite comical. Being able to laugh at yourself is actually one of the biggest, truest ways that one can live powerfully. Being able to laugh at oneself ensures that the energy of life continues to flow and move through you and for you.

5. Live with trust, hope, belief, but also determination and dedication. Know that the universe always provides for you. Understand that everything that is happening to you is happening for you, and your own personal growth and evolution. Believe that you matter and believe in yourself. Go for your dreams, set goals, and stay dedicated and determined to achieving them. You are worthy of love, health, and happiness. We all are.


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