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GLO Dreamy Creamy Green Smoothie (vegan, high protein)

Simple, yummy, nutritious, and high protein.

Nutrient-dense Ingredients: 1/2 frozen avocado

1 frozen banana

1/2 cup frozen zucchini

10 mint leaves

1 scoop clean plantbased protein powder of choice (I love Sunwarrior VANILLA Plantbased Collagen Peptides) 2 cups water 1 cup ice Blend till creamy & smooth. The consistency should be like frozen yogurt.

This is a high protein, anti-inflammatory, meal in a glass with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll, good fats, & fibre. It is a great way to start your day or have as a meal on the go.

May you continue to boost your health & immune system in these times.....and always. A strong body, a strong mind, and an open heart, is the essence of OPTIMAL HEALTH. And you are in control of this.


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