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GLO Sesame Milk (better than oat or almond milk!)

(creamy, clean, plantbased, dairy-free, protein-rich)

Sesame Milk is so easy, creamy, & delicious, for your cereals, oatmeal, chia pudding, smoothies, and blended coffees! You can swap it for any baked recipe that calls for milk. Higher in protein and less carbs than oatmilk and it offers a lot more nutrition (see below.) Sesame milk also tastes better and creamier than almond milk. (Plus, when you make it yourself you save money and you contribute less garbage in terms of packaging.) GLO Sesame Milk Recipe: Add 1-2 tsp of GLO sesame protein flour to 1 cup of water and blend till creamy. That's it! *You can sweeten it for natural sweetener of choice and option to add cinnamon, cacao, or turmeric powder to flavour it with nutritional benefits. *Keeps 3 days in fridge. (I like to re-blend everytime I need it, or store in a bottle and shake it before use in case it separates.)


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