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1.) I purchased an eBook but didn’t receive an email with my download link. What do I do now?


The download link for your eBook is INSTANT on the purchase confirmation page.

If you did not receive a receipt for your purchase, this usually means one of two things: there was an error in the email address you entered or your credit card information didn’t process correctly.


If you don’t see a download link it means your credit card may not have processed correctly. The site currently accepts Visa and Mastercard and requires a valid mailing address, postal code and credit card information (including the 3 digits on the back of the card) to process payment. You will need to correctly enter all 3 items in order to check out.


2.) Can I purchase the eBook as a hardcopy too?


All of our eBooks are currently available only as a digital product delivered via email. There are currently no plans to make these available as hardcopy books.


3.) Are any of the eBooks available in another language?


At the moment, all of Grace’s eBooks are only available in English.


4.) The eBook doesn’t include the information I was hoping for. Can I get a refund?


All eBooks are final sale, with no returns allowed. If you find that you are unsatisfied with the product, we would be more than happy to chat with you to find out more. Please contact us at


5.) I bought the eBook and opened it but now I can’t find it. Can I save it to my desktop?


Your eBook is available through your email link. You can re-open your eBook from the link up to 5 times; however, we highly recommend you ‘Save As’ to your desktop or download into your Documents folder on a mobile device so you can enjoy it without going over the download allowance. If you do go over the allowance, please contact us at and we will assist you.


6.) Can I print the eBook?


Yes! Grace’s eBooks are setup in a format that is printable and easy for you to bring into your kitchen, carry in your purse, or flip through on the couch in the evening. Please remember that while you may print this eBook on paper or make electronic copies for back up, it is illegal to make digital or printed copies to share with others or for re-sale. Your license from Gracious Living limits you from making eBooks accessible, in whole or in part, to others for download.


7.) Can I view this eBook on a Kindle, Kobo or Nook?


Yes! Our eBooks are setup as Interactive PDFs that can be uploaded to most eReaders including Kindle, Kobo, Nook and iPad. Below are a few links to help you setup your eBooks on your Favourite eReaders:






8.) You mention some of your eBooks are interactive. What does this mean?


Our eBooks are becoming more and more interactive with each launch. Most of our eBooks have a clickable menu on the footer that allow you to toggle between sections of the books. You will also find buttons throughout referencing recipes or graphics – click on them and navigate the pages interactively. Our eBooks also include videos that play within the pdf on a desktop or laptop computer. Mobile devices and tablets will need to click the grey button above the video to go to the online version.


9.) The videos won’t play! How do I get them to show up in my pdf?


The videos will only play in your pdf if you are on a desktop or laptop with Adobe Acrobat installed. If you are on a tablet or mobile device or do not have Adobe Acrobat you can click on the grey box above the video screen and you will be directed to the online version where are the videos are placed. These videos can be accessed at any time and on any device or computer.


10.) There seem to be duplicate videos in the Raw Vegan Faves eBook. Is this a mistake?


Some recipes are in the same video. Watch the full video to see the different recipe variations. For example, the Raw Nut Milks have 3 variations and all can be found in the same video.

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