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13 "YOU ARE WORTH IT" Affirmations

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

13 Affirmations To Remind You That “You Are Worth It” By Grace Van Berkum, R.H.N. as featured in Sweat Equity Magazine Every New Years we are inundated with lists and tips for accomplishing our health goals for the coming new year. After decadent holidays filled with parties and rich foods, people feel the need to whip themselves back into shape and stay dedicated and committed to their new years resolutions. But somehow the focus falters at some point, and slowly (or quickly) people’s commitment to their new year’s goals seems to wane until before they know it they are off track again. Perhaps our failures to stick to our goals lies in our approach to setting up our goals. Perhaps looking at ourselves with critical eyes, judging ourselves when we are “good” and judging ourselves when we are “bad” is not the right approach to getting the results we want. Perhaps a better approach to changing one’s health is to treat ourselves with more compassion and self-love and see our lives and health journies as an evolving practice in learning how to find balance and happiness without the restrictions and guilt. How about if we moved through our days with more gentleness towards our bodies while still being dedicated to our pursuit of health? What if we realized and acknowledged that moving our bodies and feeding our bodies feels better when it comes from a place of love rather than a place of fear? What if, in this birth of a new year, we truly decided that we are worthy of our own love and we are worthy of everything that life has to offer? What if we became motivated and inspired to learn how to love our bodies through a mindful lifestyle and more conscious food choices? What if we declared to ourselves in every moment of the day: I AM WORTH IT! Here are 13 affirmations to remind you that you are worth the best in life, not just because it’s a new year, but because you are YOU. 1) The best way to predict my future is to create it. My future is bright and filled with health and happiness. I AM WORTH IT. 2) My body is strong, vibrant, and healthy. I move my body because it makes my body and mind feel good. I deserve to feel good and move through life with joy and ease. I AM WORTH IT. 3) Loving my body means feeding it fresh, clean, and real, wholefoods. When I feed my body fresh, clean foods from nature, my body responds back to me with loving energy. It feels good to learn to love my body with the foods I feed it. I AM WORTH IT. 4) Allowing my body to rest when it’s tired is ok. Learning to listen to my body’s needs and not over-push myself when I am tired is respectful and loving to my body. I honour my body by listening to my body’s needs. I AM WORTH IT. 5) When I get in the habit of drinking water first thing in the morning, I am helping my body function better so I can move through my day with more energy. Drinking water is so important for my brain health and energy levels. Hydrating my cells and body throughout the day helps me feel and function my best. I AM WORTH IT. 6) I accept all parts of myself as I am right now. I love myself as I am right now and because I do, that inspires me to keep taking care of my body and health every day. I AM WORTH IT. 7) I stay open and receptive to good things in my life. I deserve to live in an atmosphere of joy and acceptance. I release all feelings of negativity, judgment, and guilt. I deserve to be healthy and happy. I AM WORTH IT. 8) I strive to be balanced, healthy, and happy and I am conscious of the decisions I make daily that affect my body, mind, and spirit. Everything I do is my choice, so I am in control of my reality. I am totally in charge of my life right now. I AM WORTH IT. 9) I let go of the limitations I impose on myself and recognize the true beauty of my being. I trust myself and the process of life. I give myself permission to shine. I AM WORTH IT. 10) I talk to my body kindly and compassionately. My body hears everything I am saying to it. I pay attention to my inner dialogue and let go of the words that do not perpetuate self-love and acceptance. I learn to love myself and my body by talking to my body with the same kindness as if it was a little child. I AM WORTH IT. 11) I wake up every morning thankful to be alive. I wake up loving myself and feeling thankful for my resilient body that carries me through life. Every morning as soon as I wake up, I tell myself that I love myself. I AM WORTH IT. 12) I look for things to be grateful for everyday. My vibration of gratitude creates abundance and opportunities for me everywhere. When I am grateful, I connect to my true happiness. I look for things to be thankful for. I AM WORTH IT. 13) My life and the work I do on myself is not a goal; it is a journey. I choose to enjoy the journey of my life. I understand that everyday is different and I do my best every day, knowing that “my best” will look different every day, and that’s perfectly ok. Learning to love myself and my journey of life is how I create a happy, healthy body and future. I AM WORTH IT.


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