16 GLO New Year Hacks

Updated: Jan 29, 2020


Happy holidays beautiful people! Always a pleasure to contribute to Sweat Equity Magazine. Please enjoy my Gracious Living list of 16 New Year Hacks for an amazing year, and amazing life!

16 New Year Hacks by Grace Van Berkum, R.H.N.


A new year begins with new goals to improve your year and your life. Let every year build on the next on the road to expansion, growth, enlightenment, love, and personal freedom. As long as you keep moving forward every year of your life, you are on the right track. Onwards and upwards! Here’s a list of New Year Hacks for 2016:

1). Eat more superfoods. When you eat super foods fresh from the earth, you will feel super. 

2) Take time to be still. Stillness recharges your body. Stillness leads to awareness which leads to making good decisions.

3). Make new friends. Be vulnerable and meet new people. We all learn from each other and meeting new people provides us with new lessons and information.

4) Take a vacation somewhere you have never been before. Travelling is the best classroom. And the more time you can spend in beautiful nature, the healthier and more peaceful you will be. (Check out a Gracious Living Lifestyle International Retreat HERE!)

5) Journal. Make it a practice to write down your thoughts. Organizing your brain and feelings gives you more clarity and focus.

6) Tell people you love them more. When we give love, we receive love.

7) Cut out sugar. When you cut out sugar, your body, health, hormones, cravings, and energy changes. Basically, when you cut out sugar, your whole life changes.

8). Learn to breathe. Our breath is a free, easy resource to alleviating stress and anxiety. Learn how to use it to improve your life and moods.

9) Help someone regularly. Helping people is an exchange of energy and has a ripple effect. What you give you receive in other ways.