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20 Reasons To Do A GLO DETOX

20 Reasons to do a GLO DETOX & CLEANSE:

1) release toxins 2) energize your body 3) cell regeneration 4) heal digestion 5) increase absorption of nutrients 6) glowing skin 7) have a new appreciation for your body 8) learn things that will change your life & habits 9) experience a healthy, transformative vacation 10) practice daily yoga, meditation and breathing exercises 11) ignite positive changes 12) swim in a beautiful, warm ocean 13) relax on a tropical beach 14) connect to your inner strength 15) make friends with other curious, open-minded people 16) have an empowering experience 17) learn about a new country 18) become inspired 19) expand your knowledge 20) delicious GLO detox menu!!

Recent Testimonials from Gracious Living Raw Food Courses & Cleanses:

“Grace, thank you so much for sharing your enthusiasm and love of raw food with me. I have not been this excited preparing food in a long time. I have been eating raw since the workshop and I can’t tell you how alive I feel. Your knowledge, patience and upbeat demeanor made this workshop one of the best workshops that I have attended. Namaste” ~U.S.A.


“Grace makes detoxing easy and fun. She is supportive, her detox meals are creative, she makes you aware of what is happening to the body throughout the process, and gives you easy ways to implement changes when you go back home. I have done many detoxes at spas and resorts around the world, and none have compared to the taste, knowledge, and love that Grace so willingly gives. It is obvious that she walks her talk and you are inspired by her healthy glow and her passion for living. Thank you Grace for changing my life.” ~Holland


“My 5th visit to the Sivananda yoga retreat and again I had an amazing time. I attended the 3 day raw food course with Grace from Gracious Living. She is a very inspirational teacher and I finished the program with an abundance of excellent new recipes and knowledge on healthy nutrition. She teaches a handful of interesting courses on raw vegan food and detoxing. The ashram itself has a prime location on the beach and is the perfect place to relax or follow some of the other workshops.” ~Cayman Islands


“Thoroughly enjoyed my three day Gracious Living education of raw food cooking and theory. Hands on and very informative, well planned and executed. Anyone wanting to know more about raw food should take time out and join a program like this. Relaxing and very enjoyable.” ~Bahamas


“I enjoyed this course so much! Grace inspires through a wealth of information, experience, and her preparation of food. She teaches with such an amazing aura that radiates through her smile. Her experiences in life offered a personal connection with me. She has deep knowledge of nutrition with I found invaluable. And on the last day we made delicious healthy chocolate truffle bars! Overall I left with more than I expected, a great experience, and classmates that will be life long friends.”  ~Chicago


You are what you eat. You are what you think. ~Gracious Living Lifestyle  XO


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