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3 GLO Detox Juice Recipes

When Juicing – Keep in mind:

1) Ingredients go from largest to smallest 2) Your base should be vegetables, preferably green, and fresh fruit is only used to lightly sweeten 3) Drink juices 20 min. AWAY from food for optimal detoxification benefits! 4) Juicer buying guide: click HERE. 5) Fresh lemon and/or lime, and ginger always make juices taste better. 6) Get organic when possible. If not, then just wash and peel your veggies & fruit very well. 7) Play around with flavours. Enjoy the experimentation & variety. Observe how your body feels. GLO Liver Cleansing Juice Recipe:

**More Bahamas Detox Juice Recipes: HERE.

Gracious Living Juice Recipes

You are what you eat. You are what you think. Gracious Living Lifestyle  


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