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BEING PODCAST: Grace Van Berkum on Natural Healing Through Nutrition, Mindset & An Open Heart

Such an honor to be on another inspiring podcast this month: the BEING PODCAST with powerful Patrick Cooke!

Grace Van Berkum is a plant-powered, detox nutritionist and tropical yoga teacher facilitating empowering & inspiring retreats in Nicaragua and around the world with her brand Gracious Living Lifestyle. Her mission in this lifetime is to spread the message of plant-based nutrition and self-love by teaching people how to eat and live with awareness. She strongly believes that we are all more powerful than we even realize and that the best whole foods and plant foods combined with a healthy, balanced, loving mind and open heart, can heal the body (and planet) of any disease. 4:41 Grace’s journey to awakening and recovery

13:37 How asking for help opens us up to receive our divine path

16:30 How forgiving ourselves and the people around us sets us free

23:00 Healing cancer holistically and intuitively.

25:00 Treated Alzheimer’s with lifestyle changes

23:43 Patrick’s Inner Power Activation

42:00 Nutritional guidance for an energetically supportive lifestyle.

45:06 Final Thoughts – Anything and everything is possible. We are infinite and boundless. Click HERE to listen.


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