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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

As featured in Sweat Equity Magazine, representing clean & fresh, anti-inflammatory, PLANT POWER for brain health!

GLO Berry Brain Smoothie

Grace Van Berkum, R.H.N. A delicious citrus berry smoothie filled with anti-inflammatory plant protein and good fats to for optimal health and energy levels, specifically for the brain. Eating berry fruits like blackberries may improve brain health and help prevent memory loss caused by aging. The antioxidants in berry fruits help fight free radicals and alter how brain neurons communicate. This may help reduce brain inflammation, which can lead to cognitive and motor issues common with aging.

1 cup blackberries

1 banana

½ avocado

3 leaves of basil

½ lemon without skin

1 vanilla plantbased protein powder

2 cups of water

1 cup ice

Optional Superfood:

-Lion’s Mane medicinal mushrooms for improved brain health. The two most well-known benefits of consuming lion’s mane are the potential ability to prevent or protect the spread of neurodegenerative disease and cancer.

Lion’s mane mushroom may also help improve heart health, protect from inflammatory digestive issues, reduce inflammation, relieve oxidative stress, improve mental health, boost immunity and prevent diabetes. Top pick: Lion’s Mane Medicinal Mushroom packets (easily put into smoothies or water) from Four Sigmatic. 15% discount code: "Grace911" at checkout for 15% OFF!


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