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GLO 'Box + Detox' - April 2023

Wake up your body, sharpen your mind! The time is now.

Exciting news! GLO Nicaragua is teaming up with holistic boxing coach + mindset trainer Yvette Raposo from Canada, and will be offering her amazing boxing empowerment classes and mindset workshops April 2-16, 2023! Come for 1 week or 2.....we can customize your entire experience and cleanse menu for you based on your length of time and health goals. We are so SO PUMPED to work with Yvette and dwelve deeper into the benefits of boxing techniques for physical health and strength, stress reduction, and self-empowerment. This amazing offering combined with a GLO anti-inflammatory menu and yoga, is sure to be an amazing and transformational experience. 'Find Your Fighter Within' with Yvette Schedule Design: **Sessions will be both active and passive, for a well rounded experience engaging both body and mind.

**Guided mindset sessions are designed to stir inspiration that leads to the motivation you need right now to go after what you want in life. We move like fighters to embody the forms of feeling powerful, strong and determined.

**We (lightly and lovingly) train to instill discipline, build resilience and expose ourselves to the intensity required to toughen up, just a little bit more. **This transformational program also includes GLO anti-inflammatory menu + daily yoga.

Life is tough.

You are tougher.

All fitness levels welcome.

No equipment necessary.

Yvette Raposo's bio: Yvette’s 25 year journey within the fitness, boxing and speaking industries has been as diverse and exciting as a boxing match itself! She has shifted roles over time from inside the gym, in front of boardrooms and classrooms, to standing center ring in sporting arenas in front of thousands. As a former competitive boxer and Canada’s First Female Professional Ring Announcer, her message remains consistent: “think like a fighter - live as a champion”. With a Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Yvette believes that we all possess everything we need inside to feel like the Champions of our own lives.

One of her proudest accomplishments to date, is the work she is currently doing at the University of Toronto to facilitate the first ever non-contact boxing program of its kind, and the response has been incredible. Yvette believes more than ever, that learning boxing movements and mindset is the key to navigating society with purpose, power and confidence. Message Team GLO for booking details. Our spots are limited...message me if you would like to join. (Check for best flight deals landing in Managua.)

Wake up your body, sharpen your mind! The time is now. This GLO 'Box + Detox' Empowerment event is sponsored by: Girls Just Wanna Box GLOPro Superfoods GLO Flex Cafe


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