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GLO High Protein Apple Snackz (raw, vegan)

raw, vegan, nut butter

I wanted a quick, healthy, high protein snack yesterday and came up with this. Filled with immaculate anti-oxidants and prana….and really yummy! All you need is:

-An apple (organic is preferable, but if not, just wash it super good)

-A nut butter of choice (organic & raw is preferable, but if not just make sure it is natural…no added sugars or oils allowed!)

-Hemp seeds (high in fat-burning omega 3’s, and super high in alkalizing, vegan protein)

-Cacao nibs (alkalizing, crunchy, high fibre, antioxidant rich)

hemp seeds

Stir in a spoon or two of hemp seeds, and a sprinkle of cacao nibs, in a bowl with your nut butter of choice. (I really enjoy almond butter and cashew butters…there are so many to choose from at your health food store)

Spread on apple slices and enjoy!

** (if you wanted to make this a tad bit sweeter, you could always add a few drops of maple syrup)

cacao nibs

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