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GLO-rious Plantbased Recovery Smoothie


By Grace Van Berkum, R.H.N. as featured in Sweat Equity Magazine This power packed vegan smoothie is deliciously creamy and filled with plant protein and good fats to fuel your body. It is nutrient dense to keep you satiated and keep cravings away. Excellent for body recovery and to help reduce inflammation. ½ cup berries of choice ½ zucchini (keep skin on) 3/4 cup romaine lettuce 1 tbsp cashew butter 1 banana (optional) 2 cups water 1 serving plantbased protein powder of your choice ½ tsp of cinnamon or cardamom (or both!) 1 cup ice Blend till smooth and creamy. GLO-rious taste, GLO-rious nutrition! **GLOwiththeflow tips: cut zucchini and bananas into pieces and freeze. Use as needed. Makes your smoothies creamy and smooth.

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