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Gracious Living Raw Fudge Monkey Bars

Grace Van Berkum-Gracious Living-fudge-raw-vegan

Gracious Living Raw Fudge Monkey Bars

All I have to say is: OMG!!!!! These melt in your mouth!! and so….unbelievably…easy… to make & to eat!!! Hee hee. This photo does not do it justice…trust me. YOU NEED TO MAKE THESE!

2 tbsp raw cacao powder 1/2 cup raw almond butter (or all natural peanut butter) 2-3 tbsp maple syrup, raw honey, or yacon syrup 1.5 tbsp raw maca powder (great as an anti-stress and anti-anxiety superfood) 1.5 tbsp flax oil 2 tbsp room temperature raw coconut oil 1 tbsp PURE liquid vanilla (Artificial vanilla contains CORN SYRUP! YIKES! Get the real deal!) Sprinkle sea salt

Mix well in a bowl with a wooden spoon until nice and creamy. (No need for equipment!)

*Line baking dish with parchment paper. Place mixture in dish lined with paper. Spread evenly so that it will freeze into a flat mixture that is not too thick….like a thin bar.

Optional:  For those that like a l’il crunchie goodness: Top with cacao nibs and almonds. Press them into the top with the back of your spoon so they are embedded in there.

Freeze for a few hours.

Cut into small pieces and enjoy your guilt-free fudge that is good for your heart, good for your brain, good for your skin, and good for your happiness! They are decadent…don’t go overboard on them.  A little bit will satisfy you immensely. A nice treat to always have in the freezer.

Gracious Living-Grace Van Berkum


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