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May 20-27: GLO 'Box & Detox Series': Energy Reset with Maxwell Ennist

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Join professional strength and boxing trainer Maxwell at GLO Nicaragua May 20-27th, 2023, for a journey of empowerment, reconnection, strength, and recalibration. As part of the 2023 GLO 'Box & Detox' Series: May 20-27 "Energy Reset" with Maxwell Ennist. A holistic and conscious GLO boxing and nutrition retreat experience focused on energy awareness & reset through daily boxing and kick boxing classes. Daily workshops on central nervous system healing, plus delicious, anti-inflammatory menu.

MAX WELLNESS, LMT, CPT: Stress and Central Nervous System Coach.

I support people to heal and regulate their central nervous system through somatic and cognitive breathwork, embodied movement, emotional energy balancing and nutritional intelligence.

By enhancing your relationship and connection to mind, body and spirit through powerful guided techniques, you can reset your CNS to heal chronic illness, abolish anxiety and release and rewrite old patterns. I believe in shifting paradigms of the stories we've been told and have been telling our Self as humans that are Being.

****************************************************** Maxwell will teach you how to channel your internal energetic glands that allows for a true connection to your body. Movement-based practices tied in with meditative guidance is the key to embodying the power of deeper releases, insight to hidden strengths, and expansion of current capabilities. Your energetic glands (known as the chakras) are related to the glandular system, which regulates the chemicals that are produced within your body throughout your day. Maxwell will show you how to tap into these energetic systems that have always been there and at work, but perhaps never harnessed....until now! Focusing on the CNS regulation through guided breathwork and cognitive exercises, we will begin to approach the glandular system from the inside out, helping to reduce stress while getting stronger and more energized with boxing movements. GLO Boxing + Energy Reset with Maxwell will give you the kinetic connection you are looking for to release, recharge and recenter your energetic system. Here's how we'll do it: Energy Reset Schedule + Themes for the week May 20-27 alongside daily boxing movement classes + anti-inflammatory menu: Sample Schedule: 7am: Cafe Opens - Digestive Shots + Organic Coffee or Tea 8:30am: Boxing Empowerment with Maxwell 10:30am: Livefood Protein Breakfast 11:30am: Energetics Workshop with Maxwell 1:30pm: Delicious, Plant Powered Lunch 2-4pm: Relaxation Time / Massage Time 4pm: Homemade Protein Bars Snack 4:30-6:00pm: Sunset Beach Gratitude 6:30pm: Digestive Breathwork 6:45pm: Fresh, Nutritious Dinner 7:30pm: StarGazing Retreat Themes: Day 1: Arrival + Orientation Day 2: Pineal Energetics Day 3: Pituitary Energetics Day 4:Thyroid/Parathyroid Energetics Day 5: Thymus Energetics Day 6: Pancreas Energetics + Gonads/Ovary Energetics Day 7: Adrenal Energetics Day 8: Departure feeling energized & empowered

This Energy Reset + Boxing Experience includes: - 1 daily holistic boxing movement class with Maxwell - A daily workshop with Maxwell on the energetic theme of the day -3 GLO superfood, organic plantbased meals per day + 1 plant protein snack (the delicious and cleansing menu is designed and curated by Grace Van Berkum, Holistic Nutritionist, to enhance digestion, elimination, and reduce inflammation.)

Message Team GLO for more booking details. Spots are limited for this unique and powerful retreat experience!

Find your flow, find you GLO.

Strengthen your body and mind.

The time is now.


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