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Papa's Alzheimer's Healing Diet + Routine

I know some of you have asked what my dad eats. Here is his list, it's pretty simple actually. But it is meticulous and as alkaline as we can get here in Nicaragua. Sometimes I think my dad even eats better than me. (lol) You can read about my journey with Papa and how we got here:

What he eats:

Papa eats a HYDRATING (this is key for the brain), anti-inflammatory diet, mainly vegan except he does eat sardines & mackeral fish regularly. He used to eat eggs, too but recently I have taken that out.

He eats lots of colourful vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, avocados, fresh coconut, tons of different green herbs, hemp protein, collagen protein, beans.

He eats fresh aloe vera in his smoothies, lots of fresh ginger, and fresh turmeric.

He eats rice, sorghum, and oatmeal sometimes. You can find many of the healing recipes I feed him here:

He currently takes: (I live in the middle of nowhere and you can not buy vitamins in this country so that's all we have for him at the moment.) *CogniNurish Brain & Immune Health Powder *Core Cumin Drops *Ormus Super Greens from Sunwarrior *GLOPRO Superfood Plant Protein Blend *Lion's mane medicinal mushrooms from Four Sigmatic (type "grace911" for 15% off) *Chaga medicinal mushrooms from Four Sigmatic (type "grace911" for 15% off) *Quercetin, vit C, NAC, bromelain, B12, *Prebiotics powder from MSPrebiotics *Probiotics from Renew Health *BRAHMI Ayurvedic powder from Sewanti *Matcha Maitake Mushroom Latte Packets from Four Sigmatic (type "grace911" for 15% off)

NO MEDS. ZERO MEDS. He's 86. (he was on 4 meds prior to my care)

What he is not eating is just as important:

He does not eat: sugar, sweets, dairy, chemicals, coffee, alcohol, & gluten. Everything is fresh and as anti-inflammatory as possible.

I feel blessed my dad eats everything I make and loves it. He also became cancer-free 16 years ago after the doctors gave him max 10 months to live, and recovered cancer-free because he radically changed his diet. So he knows healthy eating is good for him and accepts it.

I work with lots of older clients and I know and understand that most don't want to change. I get it. When my dad was in the nursing home before I "love kidnapped" him he was not eating well there, and I am pretty sure he would have only lasted another year tops if I didn't bring him here to Nicaragua.

It's been amazing to watch his transformation and a true testament to EPIGENETICS and what good food, movement, being in nature, stimulating creativity, and spirituality can do for you. If you put a human organism in the right conditions, no matter how old they are, there is still a lot of life, intelligence, and creativity in them. Anything and everything is possible and that's how we live our lives. My dad taught me that when he became cancer-free. True health is a state of mind.

I have also put positive affirmations for him EVERYWHERE (plus his full name, where we live, my family's names, dog's names, his age, etc) to always remind him. He reads the affirmations about 20-30 times a day. It's cute. My dad does art daily, whether drawing pictures or colouring in mandala colouring books. He loves it, it is good for his brain, and it keeps him busy with creativity projects. Plus he draws stunning things! See his Instagram page below.

I know I am blessed to have my dad here in Nicaragua and that is not feasible for most people....but even a few of these suggestions will help any person. <3

You can find Papa on Instagram here for daily inspirations & funnies:


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