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Stay Open To Receive

What if someone wanted to give you a gift? What would you do? I will tell you what you would do. You would put out your hands and receive it. Right? If some one said: “Here, I have a gift for you” and handed you something, you would put out your hands and take it in your hands. You physically can not receive this gift unless your hands are open so you can take it.  Right? Right.

Well what if life was like that? What if life wanted to give you a gift right now? It does actually. Life wants to give you many gifts. Just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean a gift isn’t waiting for you. Right in front of you! And you are not accepting it, you are basically saying no, because you simply can not see it. You can’t see the gift. Your head is looking in the other direction because you are so attached to another outcome, to what you think it is the gift you want. Your mind is not open, your heart is not open, your “hands” are not open to receive. And whatever it is that you THINK you want to receive, this other “gift” that has your focus and attention right now (because you THINK it is going to make you happy) is not actually making you happy.

If you are not happy then….turn your head! Choose another direction! Switch routes!

Whatever you do, don’t give up or get down. Keep moving. Keep moving towards light and love. Don’t close yourself off from other gifts simply because you can not see them because you are focused on one line of sight only! Open your mind and your heart to other possibilities, other directions, other paths, other situations, other people…..because when you do, you make yourself open to receive. To receive life’s gifts. From places and people that you could not see nor imagine because you do not know yet, but they are there. THEY ARE THERE.

Pay attention….with awe, wonder, & gratitude. Observe….with awe, wonder, & gratitude. Listen….with awe, wonder, & gratitude.

Connect and feel. Open up my friend.

When you stay open you begin to understand that maybe life has other plans for you. Beautiful plans of a life filled with clarity, inspiration, peace, and love. And maybe (usually) it is going to come for us in a way that is TOTALLY different than we thought.

If you are not happy with something then maybe you need to release your expectations of what you think the situation should look like. Just stay open to the possibilities of something else….something different….perhaps something radically different….something MORE than right now. Your heart will guide you there if you keep it open and listen. Stay open to receive. Create space for new gifts. From life to you.

Take the lid off your “thinking box”.

Expand your thinking beyond your own limiting box of opinions and judgements.

Release the illusions of your expectations.

Breathe deep…..have courage…..and  TURN YOUR HEAD IN ANOTHER DIRECTION.

Soften the edges of your heart with belief and trust so that the edges melt away with your fear.

Put out your hands…..with awe, wonder, & gratitude. Life has many gifts for you.


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You are what you eat. You are what you think. ~Gracious Living Lifestyle  XO


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