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4 Reasons To Start Off Your New Year With A Detox in the Bahamas

4 Reasons to Start off Your New Year with a Gracious Living Lifestyle Detox in the BAHAMAS!  Guest Post by Katie Papo 1. It will kickstart your New Year’s resolution to improve your health. Not only does raw plant-powered food alkalize the body, but it strengthens your immune system, balances your hormones, brightens skin, and helps build strong muscles and bones. And if you attend a Gracious Living Lifestyle Detox you’ll be eating food that has been blended or juiced, so your digestive system can finally rest and re-boot!

2. It’s time to save the planet. It’s 2015, people! Our world is in crisis, and the environment needs our help. The way we breed livestock is polluting our planet faster than any other factor. This is not sustainable way of eating if we want to have clean water to drink, air to breathe, and land to grow food that gives back to the earth. Knowledge is key, and Grace’s Detox Retreats not only include yummy recipes and relaxing yoga classes, but they also include education and practical tips to take home with you so you can easily maintain a plant-powered lifestyle.

3. It’s time to save our animal friends. Literally billions of animals are slaughtered each year after they live their lives in cages, rarely, if ever, seeing the sun. We love our household pets, and it’s time to expand that love to all living beings. In Grace’s Detox Retreats¸ you’ll learn how easy and enjoyable it is to make delicious plant-powered food that does not cause harm to others.

4. It’s time to love yourself. Food is a form of nourishment, and nourishment is a form of love. Bottom line: food is love! Treat your body with care and respect by feeding it nutrient-dense super foods, eating mindfully, and relaxing in a supportive environment. Grace, her detox team, and your fellow detoxers are there to help you along your journey to health and happiness!


It will change your health. And your life! GuaranteedClick Here

You are what you eat. You are what you think. ~Gracious Living Lifestyle  XO

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**Katie Papo develops holistic wellness programs in the United States and Bahamas for adults, young adults, and children. Specializing in stress and weight management, Katie is a certified yoga instructor, sports nutrition specialist, holistic life coach, and personal trainer. Her passion is to help others let go of negative habits, cultivate self-awareness, and inspire new choices that promote an energized lifestyle, calm mind, and conscious living.  You can find her inspiring, informative posts on Facebook HERE.


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