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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Check out my "8 TIPS TO STAY HEALTHY WHILE TRAVELING" by Grace Van Berkum, R.H.N. in Sweat Equity Magazine.

Top 8 tips to stay healthy on the road (plus bonus beauty tips!):

Just because you’re travelling, doesn’t mean you have to fall off the healthy train. Having a few little goodies in your bag or purse when you’re on the go will help your energy levels stay high when you’re in unfamiliar places. Here are the top 8 things I never travel without to keep my energy levels stable and keep inflammation, puffiness, and bloating to a minimum. 1) Digestive Bitters in tincture form.

Digestive bitters helps with digestive disturbances and nausea. Bitters stimulate and tonify the digestive apparatus in preparation for mealtime, providing an aid to people who have trouble with dyspepsia—gas, burping, bloating, and indigestion (especially when eating out). Favourite brand is St. Francis Canadian Digestive Bitters tincture that easily fits in your purse when going out to eat.

2) Probiotics or Activated Charcoal Pills- a stable shelf probiotics (meaning it does not have to be refrigerated”) or activated charcoal will also help with digestive disturbances or upset stomachs. Probiotics will keep your gut flora strong for strong energy levels to handle the stresses of travel. Activated charcoal can help relieve digestive distress, prevent hangovers, and even treat poisoning.

3) Food Grade Peppermint Essential Oil A little dab of peppermint essential oil on your inner wrists, temples, and back of the neck helps to wake you up when tired and on the go. (great on airplanes) Or rub some on your hands, rub together, and smell your hands for an immediate pick me up. Also great for headaches.

4) Magnesium Citrate “Calm” before bed helps to calm you and make you sleepy and ensures that you will be able to go poop in the morning. A must for those that tend to get constipated when they travel. Fave brand: Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate Powder taken with hot water before bed.

5) For those that drink coffee: Chaga Medicinal Mushrooms Coffee packets from Four Sigmatic offers high quality, mycotoxin–free coffee with superfood chaga medicinal mushroom to keep your immune system strong. Easy to use, just open the packet, and add hot water. Great for airplanes. If you don’t drink coffee, Four Sigmatic also offers a variety of medicinal mushrooms without caffeine. 15% discount code: "Grace911" at checkout for 15% OFF!

6) Ergogenics Hemp Protein with greens (chorella, spirulina, matcha, wakame, vegetables) offers an anti-inflammatory hemp protein with additional superfoods to help detox your body when on the go. Get the individual packets to easily add in your water bottle. Fave flavour: vanilla sweetened with monk fruit. 20% discount code: "Gracious20" at checkout for 20% OFF!

7) Powerful anti-inflammatory supplements MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) + Vitamin C capsules (1000 mg each, twice a day) to keep the immune system strong and neutralize inflammation.

8) Protein Bars and trail mixes. (plantbased, clean, low sugar, gluten-free) Always have snacks on hand in your purse or bag to prevent blood sugar dips when on the go. You never know when you might need them and becoming hypoglycemic is no joke. Low sugar, simple ingredients, high plant protein bars or trailmixes are always great snacks filled with protein and good fats to help keep you going until you can get to a good meal. Sunwarrior vegan protein bars are delicious and offer 17-19 grams of plant protein. ​10% discount code: "Grace10" for 10% off at Canadian Online Superfood Store RAW ELEMENTS!

BONUS: ALL-NATURAL travel reccos for the face!

9) Hat and sunglasses are always a must to protect the eyes and face from the sun in the cutest way possible. 10) An all-natural sunscreen face stick should always be in ones bag or purse as well.

11) Natural, plantbased, eye cream for those long travel days to keep your eyes looking fresh. 12) A natural facial mist toner to keep the skin dewy and moist, especially on airplanes. Simply mix some distilled water or rose water with some drops of pure lavender essential oil. 13) All-natural lip gloss or chapstick to prevent chapped lips and keep your lips plump and soft.

Happy healthy, travels!


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