Cancer Puts A New Perspective On Living

…..a beautiful message from one of my nutrition students:

I was diagnosed in January, 2012 with Stage IV Rectal Cancer with metastasis to my lungs, there is a 6% survival rate over 5 years with this particular cancer.

Prior to my diagnosis, my diet consisted of large amounts of red meat, minimal veggies, lots of starches, and processed foods.  Thought I was invincible, Cancer could not happen to me because it did not run in either side of my family.  Wrong!!!  It can happen to anyone, your internal environment (inside your body), is a huge proponent in the driver of why certain people get cancer, and  why others do not?  No one knows, but think about it, you are what you eat.

This was a life changing event!!!  I realized I had no control over my diagnosis, but did have control of how I handled it.  After much research, I realized that the food I was consuming lead to my diagnosis.  Lots of red meat, fats, processed foods, and minimal greens and fruits!!!  Wow! Was it an eye opening experience.