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Cancer Puts A New Perspective On Living

…..a beautiful message from one of my nutrition students:

I was diagnosed in January, 2012 with Stage IV Rectal Cancer with metastasis to my lungs, there is a 6% survival rate over 5 years with this particular cancer.

Prior to my diagnosis, my diet consisted of large amounts of red meat, minimal veggies, lots of starches, and processed foods.  Thought I was invincible, Cancer could not happen to me because it did not run in either side of my family.  Wrong!!!  It can happen to anyone, your internal environment (inside your body), is a huge proponent in the driver of why certain people get cancer, and  why others do not?  No one knows, but think about it, you are what you eat.

This was a life changing event!!!  I realized I had no control over my diagnosis, but did have control of how I handled it.  After much research, I realized that the food I was consuming lead to my diagnosis.  Lots of red meat, fats, processed foods, and minimal greens and fruits!!!  Wow! Was it an eye opening experience.

Initially, I started gradually with changing my eating habits to include organic foods and only had meat (chicken and fish) 4 times a week.  I eliminated starches and processed foods and accompanied my meals with veggies.

I then had the unique opportunity to meet, you Grace.  You changed my whole concept of eating and helped me to realize how much food can affect your healing, immunity, and balance of every system in your body.  Through her guidance and support, I totally revised my eating pattern, and what is even more exciting, my husband decided to join me on my crusade to fight cancer. Whole foods became my pharmacy.

Please know my cancer is metastatic which means it will not go away, but I have such extreme power to keep the cancer in remission and live my life to the fullest.  I am so happy to say it has been a year and 3 months since my life changing diagnosis, and I have been off chemo for more than 6 months.

Cancer really puts a new perspective on living.   I take one day at a time, keep a positive attitude, and rekindled my relationship with God.  This has changed my life.

I am now Vegan, yes, the girl who lived on red meat and potatoes, is now is eating primary raw, with a mix of cooked foods, whole grains, and gluten free.  No meats, gluten, eggs and cheese. I feel wonderful and have so much energy! My labs look great and as for now, no chemo.

I will continue to watch everything I put into my body and know that watching what I eat is keeping me healthy.  I recommend trying this lifestyle, you have nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain!

Grace Van Berkum-raw, vegan, plant-based lifestyle

You are what you eat. You are what you think. Gracious Living Lifestyle


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