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~guest post by Karina Wildgoods

“Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

Growing up most of us have heard this on the playground but how true is it?  Words when spoken with emotional intent can and do act as energy daggers. Especially when we choose to believe what’s being said.  Spoken words have the power to create or destroy, build us up or tear us down, nurture or start wars, speak beauty from the soul or draw attention to negative demons to say the very least.  I wish that when I was younger somebody taught me that I was essentially learning how to cast energy spells into the world every time I opened my mouth.

We are being called to step up and teach our children the power of words and how to discern for themselves what to accept and not accept to be true by the way that it makes them feel, but how?

A good place to start is by taking accountability for the way we speak to ourselves. You know what I’m talking about here…that little subtle but sometimes loud voice that tells us we are not good enough, or we suck, or we can’t do something.  Go ahead, you owe it to yourself, take an honest look at how you are speaking to your own heart; are the words vibrating love or leaving your chest feeling tight?  I will be the first to admit here that I am no saint in this area and have caught myself numerous times slipping from authenticity. I am becoming more aware of it by setting the intention to face this dark unconscious cloud and choosing more and more to respond to myself with loving words instead of reacting with guilt and judgment. Hurray! Long way to go still but hey, after all, we are clearing generations of negative imprinting…right?! Not an easy task.

What did your inner child choose to belief and take with you into your adult life? What negative self-talk are we ALL still collectively holding onto that is no longer serving us and is clearly affecting our day and parenting?  So allow me to ask you this again, perhaps you might choose to fully show up and commit for a moment in total honesty. Are you truly appreciating yourself for what you really are, a glorious being of white light? Are you daily speaking from this place of self-love?  Go ahead, say those 3 little but BIG impactful words “ I love you” (insert your beautiful name here) how does that feel? Any resistance? Work with this to start.

In order to teach our children these self-loving values we must first believe them in ourselves to be truth. 

After we get a handle on ourselves how can we empower our children with words? How can we teach them to dismantle negative language and replace it with positive?  I cannot even count on one hand how many times my 6 year old daughter has come home crying because she claims one of her friends hurt her feelings using words.  I immediately let her just feel whatever comes up without interfering. I know easier said than done, trust me it will become easier with practice, and we might as well just admit it together now, we are human and will slip so let’s just forgive ourselves ahead of time and get back to staying present.  When she is ready to talk I attempt to dismantle her victim mentality by asking her how she feels about herself in her heart? This takes the focus off her friend so we can talk about taking responsibility for our part in the problem, and try to create a solution around it.  I reinforce positivity into her belief system and remind her that she is light and love. I draw attention to empowering her to be mindful of what she chooses to accept into her energy field.  We then continue by taking the blame off her friend and reframing the energy into a positive white ball blasting it visually into her friend’s heart center and thanking her for the lesson.  This process helps my daughter to take her personal power back and take accountability for her feelings and words that she chooses to use. It also enables her to continue to learn and understanding that we don’t have to take anyone else’s energy on if it does not make us feel good. How we choose to speak to our children is how our children will speak to themselves, they will naturally do this by energetically and intuitively picking up this language from us. It’s just how energy works. We have the power to change our internal dialogue and build the muscle of unconditionally self-love but it does, and will take conscious effort especially after decades of building up a negative muscle.

We must try for our children, our grandchildren, ourselves. Let’s learn to lift each other up, to encourage love and growth, as this is what will open hearts and allow our children to grown into their magnificence, fully empowered and ready to contribute to our world.   Often at night when I lay stroking my daughter’s hair to help her calm down before sleep I choose to whisper into her ear that her life is important and has purpose, that she is here to share a wonderful gift with our world.  I fill her being by telling her to remember who she really is: joy, unconditional love and wisdom. I remind her that the world is safe and beautiful and it’s okay let go of all her worries and turn them over with trust to her dreams and God.  Tomorrow is a new day I say.  Give it a try and watch how your child’s face softens and calms while they slip into a deep comforting slumber leaving you feeling all warm and fuzzy knowing that at the end of the day you are both just doing and being your best.

Now Grace and I would love to hear from you!  What negative self talk will you choose to let go of today and transform into a positive?  Other insights or stories you would like to share today about the power of spoken words from your own childhood or parenting your children, please let us know in the comments below.

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~ Namaste, Karina Wildgoods and Ellie Chakra

Karina (Wildgoods) is passionate about empowering souls to have the courage to journey into the wilderness of our one shared sacred heart by choosing to experience each moment fully with purpose through our connection to nature. She is currently living in the forest north of Toronto working on her upcoming blog about wild food foraging, conscious parenting her daughter Ellie Chakra, and igniting our wildish nature by creating a conscious heart bridge with Mother Earth.

You can check out her mission sharing with and inspiring others in raising our collective energy vibration through her WILDGOODS Instagram account or engage via email directly at


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You are what you eat. You are what you think. ~Gracious Living Lifestyle  XO


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