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Lessons From My Cancer-Free Dad

My dad. He never ceases to amaze me.

“After the doctors said his cancer was so bad and only had 10 months left to live, he totally changed his lifestyle and his nutrition determined to prove them wrong and is now alive, cancer-free, and happy more than 10 years later! Then a couple of years ago after our dog got sick with epilepsy and the doctors said it was only going to get worse and kill her, it dawned on him that this sounded eerily familiar. So, he started making healthy, homemade dog food and cured her epilepsy! She has never had an attack again since my dad started feeding her nutrient dense foods to help her heal! Now my dad has done it again! His bald spot is growing hair and nearly gone! YEP! At 79 years old! amazing! Time and time again he inspires and shows me that healing, (and anything) is possible with proper food and proper state of mind. that’s next level living folks…and next level anti-aging!!! Thanks dad!”

So I typed the above as my Facebook status a few days ago and got over 200 responses from people expressing love & support! Over 200!! Makes me happy to know that people are listening and paying attention and realizing that we do indeed have the ability to change our bodies and lives. This influx of positivism & curiosity has inspired me to write this short post. When i get back from St. Lucia next month, I will interview my dad for all my blog readers. hope there is something here that ignites something inside of you.

Lessons my Dad has taught me from his actions and experiences:

1) You know your body best. you know what’s right for it, you know what’s wrong for it. Just because someone says something doesn’t mean it is true. Just because someone says you are going to die within 10 months, DOESN’T MEAN IT’S DESTINED TO HAPPEN!!

2) Listen to your body. pay attention! What is it telling you right now this very second?  Think about that and what can you do about it?

3) The mind is a powerful mother f*%#*-er!  Use it/train it to make you flourish. BECAUSE YOU CAN!  Don’t know how? Explore breathing exercises, meditation, positive affirmations, visualization techniques, meditative yoga. It’s your journey. Figure out what works for you and makes you calmer and stronger and more alive.

4) Dogs need real, nutrient dense, live foods, too! Not just humans! Over time chemicals and preservatives will make them sick, just like us.

5)  Life is short, you blink your eyes and your dad is nearly 80. You blink your eyes and people you know start dying, young and old. This is the real thing folks. Stop wasting time. Live your truth. Whatever is sitting there in your great big heart that you are too scared to do, or too scared to say, will eat away at you! Only you know what that is. Get over it!  In the famous words of Nike….Just Do It.  Start the process.

6) If you don’t love yourself, you won’t find the love that you are seeking. Loving yourself comes first and when you truly learn to love yourself, this will affect all areas of your life in a positive, amazing way…not just relationships, but work, too.

7) Slow down. Give 100% in all that you do. Then you will find the beauty and joy in things. Then you will start noticing all the beauty & love  around you in your life, including the small things.  I’m talking about those things that you normally don’t pay attention to. When you slow down and stay immersed fully in everything you do, life suddenly becomes a gift. The complaining (to yourself AND to others) fades away and joy takes over and guess what? Then you start to smile and laugh more and then guess what? You start to exude positive energy and then guess what? You start to attract positive things to you. Well well well…this is the power of gratitude, it leads to abundance.

8)  My Gracious Living business motto (and life motto) is: “You are what you eat.  You are what you think.  GRACIOUS LIVING” and as i have sat here right now typing out this blog post, I have realized that it encapsulates everything my dad has taught me. I have never realized that before. Cooooooool! So in essence everything that I have learned to heal myself, and to help heal others, has been inspired by my dad. I love you dad.

Read more about my dad in the National Post HERE.



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You are what you eat. You are what you think. ~Gracious Living Lifestyle  XO


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