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My 19 Day Adventurous Retreat Journey in Nicaragua With My Daddy Who Has Alzheimer’s

For those that follow me on social media, you all know that I recently removed my 82 year old father out of his senior home ( I called it the “Love Kidnap”), to take him to Northern Nicaragua to give him his own “Gracious Living Lifestyle Private Retreat”.


For 19 days we travelled together to my brand new retreat home where I took care of him, fed him, cooked for him, did strength training with him, taught him to swim again, did daily drawing classes with him, and basically babysat him to make sure he didn’t hurt himself. Watch all my videos over on YouTube…here’s a super special swimming one:

The response has been overwhelming. My team calculated I got over 70 000+ likes, shares, and comments just on FB! I have so appreciated your support, love, and encouragement because bringing my 82 year old daddy who has Alzhemier’s to Nicaragua has been no easy task. It has been a plan that took me nearly 2 years to execute with many challenges and obstacles to overcome to do it.

(Photos from Week 1…floating in the water…first time in a pool in 30 years, drinking fresh, vegan, superfood smoothies, and getting his first massage in over 30 years, too.)


I did it because I believe in everything I teach and live. I did it because it breaks my heart to see my dad in an old age home where everyone is just waiting to die. I did it because thankfully being my own boss with my own business allows me a flexible schedule to do it. I did it because I knew that being in nature, eating anti-inflammatory menu, moving more, earthing, grounding, and being around life, love and joy, would bring him back to life. I did it because I believe in epigenetics. I did it because I believe given the right healing, positive conditions, we can heal disease. (My dad also healed his cancer over 10 years ago after being given only 10 months left to live with no hope). Click HERE. I did it because it is so important my daddy leaves this earth and his body with as much peace as possible.

This is a photo of me trying to teach him how to swim again…he would just sink because his arms were so weak…but he sure loved it!)


What I also didn’t tell anyone is that 1 week before my dad and I left, my dad ended up in the hospital for 5 days with severe diarrhea. Of course I wondered if that was a sign to cancel the trip. But I asked all the doctors and they all said it was ok, even though you could tell they thought I was slightly crazy for even contemplating it. Thank god I was in Toronto where my dad was so I could bring him green juices and healing plantbased menu during that time. I strongly believe that also got him better faster in that time.

I meditated on the situation. My heart told me yes, yes, yes. My mind said….ooooh, I don’t know.

I decided to go with my heart. And I didn’t look back. If I was going to do this, I had to be strong. I had to be positive, and I had to believe in what I was doing. It was now or never…and I chose NOW.

(Here are photos of my dad 1 week before the trip in the hospital..look at the difference in his face at the end….INCREDIBLE! He looks like a new man!):


My dad has lost 7 lbs just from eating better and moving more. His memory has improved. His humour has improved. His strength improved. He walks straighter and often without his cane now. He re-learned how to swim. He re-connected to his inner artist. His toes were all blue and crooked when we arrived. They returned to healthy colour and 8 of 10 completely straightened out. (??!!) His bowels regulated. His sleep improved. He became re-inspired by his life and future. He became more handsome! (His skin rehydrated and his dark circles disappeared)

Photos from Week 2 (notice the difference in how looks): Eating raw, vegan, chia pudding with fresh fruit, raw cacao & hemp seeds everyday:


Sunset with daddy:


Papaya workouts with my daddy (Yes, that is a Nicaragua papaya and yes, I made him do shoulder presses with it!

He loved it, lol. Look at that smile…and new muscles!)