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Top 3 GLO Nutrition Tips To Avoid BURNOUT

Thank you to amazing Kezia Luckett from the UK for this wonderful opportunity to share this morning on her LIVE interview. I only had 30 minutes so I talked about what I feel is my most important nutrition tips for entrepreneurs to avoid exhaustion and burnout (I have been there so I know what it's like to burn out....and then SLOWLY recover...and I still have to check myself sometimes because now I recognize the signs and it is not worth it to keep pushing yourself!) My main takeaway: HEALTH COMES FIRST IF YOU WANT A SUCCESSFUL BUT ALSO SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS! Do you want short term success or success that lasts? The most successful entrepreneurs THAT LAST are the ones that take care of their bodies (and minds) so they can continue to give, and be creative (and be inspired!) I have seen many entrepreneurs come on strong but then burnout, or even worse, end up getting illness, because they didn't take care of them selves while focusing on building their business. You can't keep growing and giving to others if you have nothing left to give yourself! Here are my top 3 tips to keep in mind when we are so busy and stressed out (watch video for more info): 1) Cut out the refined sugars. Read: *SUGAR IS POISON. PERIOD: *10 Natural Sweeteners That Are Good For You: 2) Watch your caffeine intake. *Peak Performance GLO Superfood Coffee recipe here: 3) Add in adaptogens to help your body deal with stress. My top fave medicinal herbs for stress: Ashwaghanda Holy Basil Rhodiola My top fave medicinal mushrooms for stress: Reishi Cordyceps Lion's Mane I love this company because it is ethical, clean, easy-to-use, and they do amazing blends for stress and immunity. This particular blend is an ADAPTOGEN BLEND that is filled with stress-busting superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, & herbs: TYPE " GRACE911" FOR 15% OFF AT CHECKOUT! Here's the interview:

Finally: I am offering 2 FREE Virtual Retreats this weekend. I will provide a list of healthy, mindful tasks with recipes, and you complete them at your own pace (although I do have a suggested timeline).

FRI MAY 1 with GLOBRO Chris Prado: This FRI MAY 1ST #TeamGLO will be hosting another FREE online home retreat hosted by GLOBRO Chris Prado. I wanted to offer healthy & positive lifestyle tips from a male perspective and keep re-enforcing to all the bros out there that being more conscious & loving with your lifestyle choices is not just for girls ;)

This FREE 1 day online retreat is open to both men and women, but we hope to get more guys on board for this one!

Learn manageable lifestyle tips: -short morning meditation with affirmations -how to breathe properly -home movement practice -how to set SMART goals and achieve them -easy plantbased recipes for IMMUNITY -Chris's story & triumph from obesity & pain, to NOW! -and more..... Sign up here: (prep day starts Thursday!)

Also, we are offering 1 more GLO online retreat (FREE!) on Sunday May 3: We want to help raise the vibes of the world as much as we can and in the ways we know how. See you this weekend! Gracious Living Lifestyle XO P.S. Don't forget to check out my website for hundreds of FREE plantbased+ vegan recipes (mostly RAW!) & sign up for my weekly inspiring newsletter with health tips.


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