11 Healthy (+ Cheap) Non-Perishable Foods You Should Always Have Stocked For Emergencies

Here is my top list of healthy (and cheap) foods to always have on hand. I think it is important to always have a stocked pantry of dried healthy foods. (I live in Nicaragua so this list is NIcaraguan-friendly, too.) 1) RICE. Brown rice, black rice, wild rice, even white rice. I live in Nicaragua where I can usually only get white rice, so to make it healthier I add flax seeds or chia seeds to it. **Dave Asprey believes white rice is better. I personally think both are good. Read more here: 2) BEANS. All colours: black, red, white, navy, brown, red, yellow, green. (I like to add yellow & green split peas in this category because you buy them from the bean aisle in the grocery stores.) I always prefer that people make beans themselves from the bag, but in an emergency canned beans i