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11 Healthy (+ Cheap) Non-Perishable Foods You Should Always Have Stocked For Emergencies

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Here is my top list of healthy (and cheap) foods to always have on hand. I think it is important to always have a stocked pantry of dried healthy foods. (I live in Nicaragua so this list is NIcaraguan-friendly, too.) 1) RICE. Brown rice, black rice, wild rice, even white rice. I live in Nicaragua where I can usually only get white rice, so to make it healthier I add flax seeds or chia seeds to it. **Dave Asprey believes white rice is better. I personally think both are good. Read more here: 2) BEANS. All colours: black, red, white, navy, brown, red, yellow, green. (I like to add yellow & green split peas in this category because you buy them from the bean aisle in the grocery stores.) I always prefer that people make beans themselves from the bag, but in an emergency canned beans is obviously ok. Make sure you get the cans that are BPA-free if you can without added sugar. If you can not even get that, just make sure to RINSE the canned beans before you eat them, to rinse off added sodium and/or chemicals. **For better DIGESTION: How To Quick-Soak Dried Beans in Just One Hour: **Delicious bean recipes:

3) APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (organic, unprocessed): **30 Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits and Uses: 4) OATS: Steel cut oats offer more nutrition. If you get prepared oats make sure there is no added sugar. If you have options, I also like quinoa flakes, and buckwheat groats as healthy options as well. I always recommend adding chia or flax seeds to your oatmeal as well to make it more energy sustaining. **You can even make your own oatmilk: **Here's my GLO Granola Recipe: 5) NUTS & SEEDS: Almonds, walnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds. Store them away from light in a cupboard or a plastic bin in your pantry. (I live in the tropics so I keep my nuts & seeds in my deep freezer....they don't freeze.) Digestion issues? Soak your nuts: 6) NUT & SEED BUTTERS: All-natural, no added sugars, no added oils: almond butter, cashew butter, coconut butter, & tahini are my faves. In Nicaragua we can only get natural peanut butter here, which is actually high in mold, but my motto is, "ya do the best with whatcha got." Or you can make your own almond butter, too: 7) OTHER GLUTEN-FREE STARCHES: Quinoa, gluten-free pasta, sorghum. Make the same way you would make rice. 8) GLUTEN-FREE FLOURS: Some of my faves for healthy cookies, pancakes, tortillas, empanadas: Almond, coconut, flax, yucca, green banana, oats. I make my own oat flour, quinoa flour, and almond flour. (just blend, lol!) Quinoa Flour Recipe: In Nicaragua, it is very cheap to use corn flour. (Not as clean as the others, but it is cheap and "ya do tha best with whatcha got.") 9) PLANTBASED PROTEIN POWDERS: **Here are my tips: I use protein powders for smoothie bowls, smoothies, pancakes, and protein balls. **How to make smoothie bowls: **9 Tips To Make The Best Smoothies In The World: **Easy, homemade, protein balls (raw & vegan): 10) SALT, SWEETENER, SPICES, OILS: (based on what is available in Nicaragua...I live in the middle of other countries you have more selection):

My anti-inflammatory reccos:

-Himilayan, celtic, or a grey salt. -Basics: Raw Coconut oil, Avocado oil, & Extra-Virgin/100%, cold-pressed olive oil. -Raw Honey, (Nicaragua), or natural sweetener of your choice: -Spices: cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, turmeric, cumin. **6 ways to make your veggies delicious: 11) MISCELLANEOUS BOTTLED & CANNED GOODS: -sundried tomatoes, olives, tomato paste, tomato sauce (without sugar), gluten-free soy sauce. I have discovered the work & information of ICE AGE FARMER. I highly recommend you go through all his educational videos to learn more about the changes happening in our food system right now, if Global Goverance does indeed take place. I also highly recommend learning how to grow your own food if you can. (even learning how to sprout, grow herbs, or grow food on your balcony!)


I have loved the ascension videos from Lorie Ladd, during these times. I recommend listening to her when you feel stressed or anxious. I listen to her every morning, first thing, when I wake up, to ensure I have positivity reminders in my brain to start the day.


Finally, I will leave you with 2 important questions in these times: WHO runs the media? Who profits from a pandemic? Good questions to ask yourself. You can not move forward in life if you don't keep asking important questions like WHY? and WHO? This is what is necessary to break the dream spell. I wish you awakened health. XOXO


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